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Why Sefusx GPA Had Been So Popular Till Now

Feb 14,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

As the saying goes, one white covers three ugliness, and whitening can be described as the career and goal that many women pursue throughout their lives. In order to whiten, most people will choose to use whitening skincare products. Sefusx GPA is also a very popular ingredient, Speaking of whitening ingredients, we know of α-arbutin, VC derivatives, and Dutch DSM niacinamide, which instantly brighten the skin, long-lasting brightening and not easy to return to black; but what is the French skin-lightening ingredient Sefusx GPA*? so what is Sefusx GPA, and can it help us whiten? Let's take a closer look today

What is a Sefusx GPA

Sefusx GPA is a plant instant whitening agent from the latest French technology, safe, mild, non-irritating, non-allergic, hormone-free, and non-fluorescent whitening agent.

Sefusx GPA Function

Sefusx GPA mainly inhibits tyrosinase and promotes melatonin production. Brightens skin tone, evens skin tone, promotes moisturization and fights aging (mainly photoaging) to achieve a safe and fast whitening and brightening effect. A whitening ingredient that lasts 10-20 hours.

Differences between Sefusx GPA and Alpha-arbutin, VC derivatives, and Niacinamide

Common whitening ingredients revealed

The first category: arbutin, kojic acid, etc.

These components can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, a key enzyme in melanin synthesis. When the activity decreases, the production of melanin will naturally decrease.

But be aware that arbutin is photosensitizing and is recommended to be used at night. Kojic acid is sensitive to light and heat and is also recommended for use at night. Tranexamic acid has strong stability and does not irritate the skin, but its strength is weak.

The second category: vitamin E, vitamin C derivatives, retinol, etc.

In the process of melanin formation, oxidation also plays a very important role, so adding the above-mentioned antioxidants can also reduce the formation of melanin.

However, the stability of such components is relatively poor, and the effect and strength are relatively weak.

The third category: niacinamide

After melanin is produced, it needs to be transported to keratinocytes. When this transport process is blocked, it can also play a whitening effect.

Niacinamide can inhibit the migration of melanin to keratinocytes, which has a strong effect and can also be used to anti-inflammatory and repair the barrier.

However, it is highly irritating, and some people cannot tolerate it, and tolerance needs to be gradually established. There are also a small number of people who will experience hair growth and other phenomena.

The fourth category: fruit acid, salicylic acid, etc.

After the melanin has been formed and transported, we can also perform freckle whitening by accelerating metabolism and exfoliating the stratum corneum.

Fruit acid and salicylic acid are the most commonly used ingredients, which can promote melanin metabolism and exfoliate keratin, but both are irritating and need to be tolerated gradually.

And Sefusx GPA, as a mild, non-irritating, non-allergic, hormone-free, and non-fluorescent whitening agent plant "instant whitening agent", instantly brightens the complexion, evens out the skin for a long time, and can achieve the effect of instantly brightening the complexion, and mild and non-irritating.

We know the benefits of Sefusx GPA, so which products are rich in these ingredients to help us whiten our skin?

These whitening products are rich in Sefusx GPA, the intensive and comprehensive skin tone correcting ingredients from France, which can help brighten skin, minimize the appearance of dark spots and acne pigmentation and improve uneven skin tone. The luxurious formula supports skin to reduce future dark spots and improves skin barrier health with continued use.


Key ingredients

The unique SEFUSX GPA formula contains brewer's yeast extract, Blessed thistle extract, film-coated yeast fermentation product filtrate, ergothioneine, rich trace elements to help the skin accelerate the repair of damaged barriers and strengthen the protection of free radicals. Resistant, lasting against dullness, coupled with the high antioxidant capacity of fullerene, the skin always maintains a bright, white, moist, and lustrous feeling.

Product benefits

Whitening cleanser gently cleanses skin oil and keratin, refreshing and unclogging pores

Whitening serum deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, brightens and evens the skin

skin whitening day cream defend skin against environmental aggressors, replenish skin's natural barrier

Fade spots night cream provides effective hyperpigmentation treatment, repairs damaged skin

How to use

1. whitening cleanser, choose the dosage according to skin needs.
2. After cleansing, apply whitening fade spots serum on the clean face and neck to moisturize the skin.
3. Finally, use skin whitening day cream to build a skin barrier
4. Use fade spots night cream repair damaged skin, treat hyperpigmentation at night

We know so many benefits of SEFUSX GPA, so if you want fair skin, what else can you do besides whitening skincare products?

The most basic is moisturizing and sun protection. Moisturizing the skin helps maintain and repair a good skin barrier.

Sun protection is even more important because UV rays are an important cause of melanin production. If you don't use sunscreen, using more whitening products is equivalent to doing nothing.

You can use hard sun protection methods such as umbrellas, hats, and masks, or you can use sunscreen. At the same time, it should be emphasized that whether it is summer or winter, sun protection is equally important.


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