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What product ingredients list is mediocre, but the effect is surprising?

Mar 15,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

Twelve years have passed, and domestic cosmetics have undergone tremendous changes: more and more consumers must look at the ingredient list when buying products, but the levels are different.

So there is this classic sentence:

"The product contains methyl ester, not safe, do not buy"

"Not all green, acne risk, forget it"

"IQ tax, who buys who SB"


Buying a product has never been this troublesome.

Cosmetics R&D engineers have never been so sad when developing formulas.

"It's too difficult. Big brands have nothing to do with those ingredients. Why do we criticize them when we use Internet celebrities, and consumers object" - said a classmate of a domestic brand engineer.

The reality is dramatic:

  When the constituent parties place orders according to the ideal ingredients, they also frequently step on the pit:

  "It's obviously such a high amount of whitening ingredients, and it's designed in all channels, why is it white at all?"

"Mingming amino acid shampoo, why is it itchy, dandruff, and oily?"

"Isn't there no acne-causing ingredients? Why does this still cause acne?"

"This big-name replacement, the added amount is higher than the original version, and there are more functional ingredients, but it doesn't seem to be of any use?"


Before buying, I checked various documents, did my homework, and listened to the analysis of all kinds of gods. The practical operation was a mess.


Because buying skin care products cannot be based on a single ingredient analysis. I have always said before that you have to do all kinds of three-dimensional analysis and evaluation, and you can't rely solely on the packaging and the ingredient list on the packaging. Just like when you're looking for a partner, you can't just look at what you look like (although this one is very important).

Ingredients are only the basis of products, and ingredient analysis is only the basic means. There are many things other than ingredients, and the objects and methods of analysis are diverse.

For example, the sense of use is not easy to directly analyze. Although the ingredient list can estimate the general feeling of skin feel.

In this case, in order to enrich our content, in addition to ingredients, technology, and skin care knowledge, I plan to add multi-dimensional content such as skin feel analysis, skin, brand, market, testing, public opinion, and raw material market, so that everyone can know more about how to judge Whether a product is suitable for you, so that everyone's skin care does not take detours, and the wallet is practical.

  It's so difficult, what else to analyze? Just buy, buy, buy

Yes, who said that buying, buying, and buying can’t be done?

Recently, I have been using seekpretty for products that are out of date or the packaging has been crushed and cannot be sold, and the effect is still amazing. Although the ingredient lists of many products are not good-looking at all compared to many cutting-edge brands designed for ingredient parties.

  Alesha: "Just look at seekpretty VC cream. There is no ingredient list. The cost is cheap, but moisturizing is good."

  Buddhili: "Those mediocre moisturizers, each of which is my secret weapon to save me in winter".

  Yes, some moisturizing, cleansing, anti-allergic and soothing products can easily surprise you. Even some single efficacy ingredients, will make you can not help but admire.

You must have felt the same way, and our theme today is sharing.

What products have you come across that seem mediocre and don’t hold much expectations, but unexpectedly found a good effect or feeling of use after using them? Please leave a message to share your experience and findings.

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