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Summer skin oil control skin care routine

Jan 13,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

The troubles of oily skin in summer are real:

The higher the temperature, the more prone to oily skin, let alone 12 hours, or even 3 hours of going out, I am afraid that it will not be able to keep refreshing and elegant.

Whether it is normal skin, oily, or combination skin, it is generally oily, and the place where it is easy to oily is the T-zone. The general oil control method is to use oil control products and wash your face frequently. But what are the effective oil control facial cleansers, oil control masks, and other oil control products, how to control oil and moisturize?

Therefore, summer skincare seeks less but not more. On the basis of correct understanding of your skin type, streamlining and selection are the most important.

Let's talk about the reasons for oil and how to clean and skincare

The reason for the oil

The reason for the increase in oil output is: the activity of the 5α-reductase enzyme "responsible for" oil production is directly related to temperature. When the temperature is lower than 15 degrees, the activity of "5α~reductase" is low, and the amount of sebum secretion is small. Above 15 degrees, as the temperature increases, the activity of "5α~ reductase" increases, and the amount of sebum secretion also begins to increase. Basically, the temperature increases by 1 °C, and the sebum excretion rate increases by about 10% on the original basis.

Writing here, you have discovered the truth~ It costs electricity to turn on the air conditioner in summer, but if you don't turn on the air conditioner, it will cost you face! If you observe 2 hours after cleansing: pores, blackheads, shine, oxidized dullness appear in the afternoon. So, congratulations on your summer oily skin.

How to clean the face for oily skin in summer?

The skincare steps for women with oily skin are: choose a cleansing product with strong cleaning power to thoroughly clean the excess oil on the skin; use a toner to replenish water in time after cleansing to prevent oily skin from secreting more oil due to dryness and lack of water; use refreshing after moisturizing The moisturizing care of the skin is carried out with the lotion, which does not increase the burden on the skin while moisturizing.

1. In autumn and winter, you should clean your face with water in your hand in the morning. In summer, you can use a wet towel (the friction should not be too large)

2. In autumn and winter, only wet wipes are used for morning cleansing, and in summer, a mild non-foaming amino acid cleansing can be used;

3. In autumn and winter, it is a non-foaming amino acid cleanser, and in summer, you can use a foaming cleanser Moss.

4. Use a mild facial cleanser every other day in autumn and winter, and use it every day in summer.

5. If you use waterproof sunscreen or light makeup during the day, then you can cleanse your face with a slightly stronger cleansing power at night.

Daily skincare tips

1. Use a steamer to steam your face. Steaming your face with a steam machine can be used for facial skincare, helping to promote the metabolic cycle of the facial skin, moisturizing dry skin, and having the effect of cleansing, skincare, and skin beautification.
2. Wash your face with milk. Milk is rich in protein, mild in nature and natural ingredients, and is not easy to cause allergies. Using milk to wash your face can moisturize and whiten your skin.
3. Apply cucumber slices to the face. Cucumber is rich in vitamins, and applying it to the face can not only hydrate the skin but also help to remove the aging cuticle, making the skin soft and shiny.

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