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Spring Skincare Advice From Dermatologists

Feb 07,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

The plan of the year lies in spring, and skincare in spring is the top priority. Allergies, acne, dry skin... all of them are high-incidence skin problems in spring. Let's hear spring skincare tips from dermatologists today.

Skin Problem 1: Allergies
Spring is the season of the high incidence of various allergies, especially when all kinds of flowers bloom in spring, some people with pollen allergies are more prone to allergic skin and allergic dermatitis.
Slight exposure to sunlight, makeup, or heat may cause symptoms such as redness, warmth, itching, and tightness.
Beauty Tip 1--Prevent Skin Allergies
People with allergies are advised not to play in places with a lot of pollen. At the same time, you can also choose some smooth skincare products that contain green tea essence, turmeric toner, turmeric serum or turmeric face cream, aloe vera mask, etc. In addition, here is a reminder that if you are accidentally allergic, do not apply hormone ointment, otherwise it will easily cause pigmentation, skin atrophy, and other problems.

Beauty Tip 2--Sunscreen and lotion are essential

The intensity of ultraviolet rays in spring is not affected by temperature. Excessive sun exposure will disrupt the normal epidermal keratinization process, easily damage the skin barrier, increase moisture loss, and make the skin more likely to be rough and sensitive.

When the sun is strong, try to reduce the time of going out or avoid going out. When you need to go out, you can choose umbrellas, sun hats, sun protection clothing, sunscreen, etc.

Skin Problem 2: Acne
Temperature, oil, and mites are the three major factors that cause acne in spring. The temperature rises, the body's oil secretion increases, coupled with the rainy season in spring, the humid environment greatly increases the bacteria, and the acne is more and more.
Beauty Tip 1 - Start with cleaning, moisturizing, and oil control
Topical medicines commonly used to treat acne are mainly used to reduce inflammation, unclog the opening of the follicles and sebaceous glands (salicylic acids), control oil, and improve abnormal skin keratinization (retinoids).
But each drug has its own indications. After all, some drugs are irritating, and improper use will cause unnecessary damage to the skin.
It is recommended to choose natural herbal turmeric facial cleanser and turmeric facial cleanser or salicylic acid-based cleansing and skincare products, which have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits for acne-prone skin, and can also regulate sebum secretion and prevent acne breakouts.

Skin Problem 3: Dryness
On the surface of our skin, there is a layer of the natural protective film - sebum film, which can protect our skin, prevent dryness and make the skin feel tender and smooth.
When the seasons change, the sebum film is easily damaged, so that the water retention capacity of the skin is reduced, and the skin will naturally dry and shed.
At this time, we need to use skincare products to repair our sebum film.
Beauty Tip 1 - Moisturizer Boost
Common moisturizing ingredients:
① Hyaluronic acid: It can combine 1,000 times its own weight of water, so as to achieve water retention in the skin, MVP in moisturizing ingredients!
②Ceramide: Ceramide is an important oily active ingredient in the stratum corneum of the skin. It can fill the gaps in the loss of our keratin and help build a sebum film, thereby enhancing the skin's moisturizing ability.
③ Various lipids: such as wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, etc. They lock in moisture firmly and prevent it from evaporating for a moisturizing effect.

Sensitive skin, oily acne skin, and dry skin all need to strengthen moisturizing and hydrating. Daily selection of turmeric herbal skincare products can help anti-inflammatory, conditioning skin, and don’t forget sunscreen in spring. Of course, spring skincare is not just about the above-mentioned points. In fact, there are many small skincare details that cannot be ignored in life. For example, we should pay attention to the intake of multivitamins, drink more boiled water, pay attention to replenish water, and maintain sufficient water. Sleep and so on, these can make you look like a peach blossom, youthful flying!


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