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Scientific skincare starts with the development of a skincare mindset

Mar 31,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

Name: lily
Age: 25

Skin Type: Dry sensitive skin (personally I feel it is mild), my face often gets red easily due to hot and cold weather, my skin tone is uneven, I have a slight rash, I get red after every skincare session and it clears up after a while, I also have sun spots on my face and large pores on my nose and nostrils. In summer, it is a bit dry and prone to acne.

I want to use it for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle, firming, spot and pimple removal, and redness. The eyelids are particularly thin, already long wrinkles, want to try the morning C evening Away, but do not know which products are suitable, ready to get L'Oreal small black bottle essence, olay small white bottle, I do not know whether it is appropriate? Now with the product am very confused.

Am: wash face with water, seek pretty toner, hyaluronic acid essence set, face cream


To improve redness, it is important to distinguish what is causing it, "light rash" is a vague expression, guessing that there is diffuse capillary dilation? Is there perifollicular edema? Try Turmeric moisturizer first.
In the case of redness, anti-wrinkle products should not be used in the first place, as they are prone to flopping.

But you can choose some products with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, gold serum, to fight some small wrinkles, moisturize well (hyaluronic acid, ceramides, etc.), some small dry lines will also disappear naturally

Age: 34
Skin type: oily in summer, dry in winter

1. temperature a high oil, autumn wind together with dry, and fear of oil and fear of dry, in fact, is not sensitive skin ah, the nose is always on the red side of the.

2. The main problems I want to solve are: expression headlines a little serious, both sides of the cheeks pores, pigmentation, sun spots, acne marks more; according to the current use of skincare products, you can add fruit acids in the morning, well?

Am: wash your face with water, seek pretty moisturizer, toner


The dryness and oiliness of the skin follow the seasons and is not a skin sensitivity problem. In fact, no matter what skin type, the condition will show changes with the change of seasons. Redness of the nose is a common manifestation in 80% of the population and is related to the high oil secretion of the nose, the level of microbial activity, cleaning habits (whether excessive or not), local friction, etc.
Considering oily skin, sun spots, and acne marks, and not being sensitive, it is possible to add a fruit acid product in the morning, but the commercially available fruit acid extracts are partially irritating, so you can choose to seek pretty fruit acid serum.


If you are not sure of your "skin type", you can write down the current state of your skin in the skin type section, such as when it is dry and tight, dry without moisturizer or oily after a while, whether your skin is prone to marks when broken, whether it has more or less wrinkles than others of the same age, etc.

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