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Retinol benefits for skin and side effects

Dec 02,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

Retinol, also called vitamin A1, is a vitamin in the vitamin A family. In addition to the medicinal effects of treating night blindness, inhibiting tumor growth, and enhancing immunity, it also has beauty and skincare effects, such as preventing hair loss, anti-aging, wrinkles, diminishing spots, and removing acne.

Today we look at the benefits of retinol skincare

1. Anti-aging benefits of retinol

When used topically, retinol has many impressive anti-aging benefits. For mature skin, retinol can help increase collagen and stimulate cell renewal, which can shed dead skin layers, leading to fine lines and dry skin. Repeated use, retinol can also reduce dark spots and improve skin texture.

2. Moisturizing benefits of retinol

According to a large number of survey results, the reason why human skin appears rough or dry and peeling is mainly caused by the lack of vitamin A in the human body. It is precise because the content of vitamin A is not enough that the secretion process of sebaceous glands and sweat glands is inhibited, so many problems such as imbalance of oils and skin dehydration will occur. Therefore, if you can add more retinol, you can change this. Makes the skin look more hydrated

3. Benefits of retinol for anti-wrinkle smoothing and fine lines

If retinol is used early, it helps increase skin elasticity and promote collagen production. This can promote the foundation of skin softness, so as you age, it prevents fine lines and wrinkles, making them more difficult to form.

4. Benefits of retinol for acne

Because retinol has the effect of controlling oil and reducing inflammation, it is also believed to assist in the treatment of acne.

Studies have shown that retinol can help reduce inflammation, protect the epidermal mucosa from bacteria, and improve rosacea

Retinol has so many benefits for the skin, what are the side effects?

Retinol side effects

Retinol has a certain irritation, especially for sensitive skin. After using retinol-containing cosmetics, the skin may experience redness, peeling, and tingling. Retinol has anti-aging effects, can promote cell regeneration, and promote the synthesis of collagen in the dermis. When the ultraviolet rays in the sun hit the skin, it will cause certain damage.

How to avoid side effects of retinol

Although retinol has a good skincare effect, everyone should understand that retinol has photosensitivity. To put it bluntly, it is decomposed under light exposure, so it is best to use retinol at night to avoid wasting retinol.

If you use skincare products with retinol ingredients during the day, you must do a good job of sun protection. If you don't pay attention to sun protection, your skin may have severe allergic reactions, and in severe cases, it may also cause skin redness and swelling.

Retinol summary

Retinol is a double-edged sword. When used properly, it can reduce wrinkles and youthful skin tone, and even help lighten pigmentation, but it must be used at night, and sun protection during the day is best



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