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Pregnancy skin care taboo guide

Jan 19,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

After pregnancy, every mother-to-be is very cautious, afraid that small negligence will affect the baby in her womb.

Especially on the issue of skin management, how should I take care of my skin during pregnancy? What kind of products should be used? It is possible that nine out of ten mothers-to-be are not sure, after all, the voices around this topic are too noisy -

However, before being a mother, the first thing is to be yourself. The first thing you need to do is to be a beautiful fairy, how can you be pregnant and automatically become a yellow face?

You know, after pregnancy, the mother-to-be body hormone levels will change significantly, skin metabolism and surface skin water content decrease, making the skin state becomes unstable, focusing on dry and fragile, or sebaceous glands secretion, greasy, acne, easy to sensitive inflammation and other symptoms more attention to skincare.

In fact, pregnancy skincare, is not so scary and complicated, basically to pay attention to the following points.

1. know the ingredients of the products you use
2. To avoid allergies, try to choose products that you are familiar with

Use the products you have used, mainly to prevent allergies. Hormonal changes during pregnancy are dramatic, the skin may change a lot, allergies during pregnancy, the most unbearable is not good to cure, the mother-to-be born to carry the unbearable, the use of drugs worried about harmful to the baby.

What to avoid

No Vitamin A ingredients

Vitamin A is usually found in cosmetics in the form of vitamin A alcohol, vitamin A ester, and vitamin A aldehyde, which are absorbed by the skin and transformed into vitamin A acid.

Vitamin A acid may cause fetal defects when taken orally, and it is uncertain whether topical application of skincare products containing vitamin A will have any effect on the fetus, so for safety reasons, it is recommended to stop using them.

For example, vitamin A alcohol, vitamin A aldehyde, retinyl palmitate, and vitamin A linoleic acid are mostly found in some anti-acne, whitening, and anti-aging products.

➋ Don't salicylic acid

It is effective acne, acne ingredients, usually depending on the added concentration of different roles, mostly seen in acne products.

➌ Don't diphenylketone-3

It is a chemical sunscreen and is currently a more controversial ingredient.

➍ Don't hydroquinone (hydroquinone)

It is usually used in skincare as an ingredient for whitening and spot removal and is banned in our cosmetics.

➎ Don't phthalates

Some phthalates have been banned by our country for all cosmetics. This ingredient has the highest content in cosmetic nail polish, and it is also used in the aromatic ingredients of some cosmetics.

So during pregnancy non-must not use a variety of nail polish, perfume, hair dye, and other products containing a lot of chemicals, must use also do a good job of the pre-composition check.


When using maternity skincare products, because of the choice of non-additive and safe skincare products, the skin is well maintained, and after the birth of the baby, the mother's skin does not have too much sagging and aging phenomenon, but also adds a mother's unique beauty, which is appreciated by friends and relatives, and thus behaves optimistically and confidently, helping to reduce the occurrence of postpartum depression. Although there are many benefits to using maternity skincare products during pregnancy, you should be very cautious when buying them and choose safe skincare products that are free of additives to use as maternity skincare products during pregnancy to ensure the safety of skincare during pregnancy.

After all, it's not easy to maintain stability during pregnancy, and you can tolerate the urge to change your face a little bit during these ten months ~ stability is most important!

I wish you all a good pregnancy!


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