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How to judge whether a skin care product is effective or not worth buying?

Feb 11,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

Many readers often ask, are xx skincare products worth buying? And we have been talking about ingredients, technology, and skin care knowledge, so let's talk about how to judge whether to buy a product from the perspective of ingredients and technology.

Mainly from the reliability, security, effectiveness, ease of use to comprehensively consider. This is called the four-sex assessment of the product. Finally, determine whether a certain brand of products is suitable for your skincare needs and whether it is worth buying. It also depends on each individual's final trade-offs. Below is a framework to consider each consideration. Specifically, as you study, you need to make up lessons. Please find the specifics in the blog. Or look for other study materials.

1. Judging reliability

Main idea
1) Are the ingredients and labels compliant?
2) Whether there are obvious errors in the packaging and copywriting
3) Is the brand reliable? New brand, old brand?
  4) Not only labels but also e-commerce pages, printing, product manuals, etc.
5) Regulations/Advertising Law

Required learning points: national regulations, ingredient label usage, Chinese and English (other foreign languages), commonly used ingredient names, regulations, Internet search, and investigation capabilities

2. Assess security
1) Whether it contains sensitive and irritating ingredients (fruit acid, A-alcohol, certain preservatives, etc.)
2) Whether there are prohibited or restricted substances (different in some countries and regions)
3) Use or operation safety assessment
Required learning points: Learn about common banned and restricted ingredients, preservatives, sunscreens, and more. The maximum limit concentration of some risk components (domestic or foreign standards can be referred to)
3. Analysis Effectiveness
– Are product claims supported by the ingredients list?
– Is the claimed efficacy ingredient reliable? (1. Whether there is a clear mechanism. 2. Whether it is transdermal, 3. Whether there is literature support) but also need to embrace new ingredients.
– Is the concentration of functional ingredients sufficient? (1%, 0.1% CCP) -
-Formula design, is the composition of ingredients reasonable (helps to maximize efficacy? How to promote absorption and absorption?)
- Comprehensive analysis of effectiveness reference (community, buyer reviews, word of mouth)

Need to learn points: the mechanism of various skincare ingredients, skin structure, etc. Basic knowledge of recipe design, CCP search, information search.

4. Assess Applicability
-Whether the effectiveness is suitable for you (effective on yourself, skin type, region, usage habits, etc.)
- Is the skin feel acceptable?
– Are there any particulars on matching (such as the synergy of niacinamide + A-alcohol, etc.), contraindications – are the risks and effects acceptable?
- Is the price reasonable?

Required learning points: collocation, usage. First aid for the skin. reasonable expectations.

Final conclusion
buy/no buy
This brand is good, but this product is not worth buying?


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