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How can sensitive skin cope with the trials of winter?

Dec 23,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

Even plants can't withstand the rapid alternation of heat and cold to the point of reacting incorrectly, let alone our delicate human skin. 

The big test for sensitive skin is coming - dry, red skin on the face, itchy legs - the need for soothing skin will increase with each passing day after winter.

 As you can see from the ingredients list, many of the soothing and moisturizing products actually have no real repairing effect. Some of the most hyped brands have been used for a long time and have been found to have no particular effect. The older generation of brands that specialize in the care of sensitive skin is indeed gentle and can be used for sensitive skin, and I have to say that some of the brands that use materials from manufacturing will do a better job in soothing and repairing.

We are going to analyze, this time, the niche sensitive skin repair brand that has been very popular recently - SEEKPretty Turmeric Face Cream. Turmeric Face Cream is a sensitive skin care brand launched by SEEKPRETTY, which has a range of products for sensitive skin, with the star product being Turmeric Face Cream.

The idea behind the development of the Turmeric Cream is the application of a multi-layer repair concept, which not only has to be soothing and low irritation, but also has to have a repairing effect. The formula is designed with the actual skin problems of people with sensitive skin in mind, and has a soothing and repairing function at all levels, i.e.: repairing the physical barrier, balancing the microbial barrier, and repairing the immune barrier.

 A brief description of each.

Physical barrier repair

The outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, forms the physical barrier that separates our skin from external irritants. It is a densely packed brick-cement structure made up of multiple layers of keratinocytes, which is so strong in healthy skin that external irritants cannot easily enter the skin.

 In the case of sensitive skin, this is because the structure of the stratum corneum is damaged and the brick-cement structure is destroyed, allowing external irritants to enter the skin easily. The foreign substances then encourage the skin's immune system to function, causing various inflammatory reactions that manifest themselves as itching, pain, redness, etc.

 So, the first step is to repair the skin's physical barrier.

We've talked about barrier repair quite a few times over the years (the truth about skin lipids that cause acne). The turmeric root extract and amaranth extract added to the Turmeric Repair Cream are great ingredients to replenish the lipids your skin needs, and as sensitive skin, these lipids are essential if you want to have a quick effect on the repair. As far as possible, sensitive skin should cover this type of ingredient in their skincare routine. 

One of the more distinctive repairing ingredients in this range is Turmeric, which is the main ingredient in this product and has the effect of repairing the skin barrier. This ingredient, it is widely used in ancient Indian medicine. This type of approach to finding some inspiration from Chinese medicine can be worth trying as a research method.

Immune barrier repair

The term "immune barrier" is not new to us. As mentioned earlier, the various external manifestations of skin problems in sensitive skin, such as itching, pain, and redness, are essentially the immune system's response to external irritants. The immune system is involved in fighting off external irritants. Therefore, if these problems can be resolved quickly, it will help to soothe sensitive skin. In skincare products, the inhibition of the release of various inflammatory factors is often used.

 For example, amaranth and aloe vera are added to products to quickly relieve itchiness, redness, edema, tightness, tingling, and other discomforts, and to calm the skin; and agave, which has been mentioned before as an ingredient in the FAB brand, calms and soothes, relieves edema and redness.

The product has a strong medicinal flavor [hydroxyacetophenone], which is widely used in medicine, has antioxidant properties, calming and soothing effects, and also has a synergistic effect when mixed with other additives. 

Balancing the microbial barrier

The study of skin microecology is still at a very early stage, as the field is relatively new and the microorganisms on the skin are so complex that it is not easy to keep track of them. But so far, there are some discoveries.

Palm oil extract has been added to the product to promote the expression of the antimicrobial peptide AMPS, which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and regulates sebum production, thereby balancing the skin's microbial barrier. Antimicrobial peptides are currently a hot topic in the field of skin microecology and we can imagine that there is a lot of research to be done on which ingredients are useful for which microbes on the skin when applied to skincare products and which promote the expression of the skin's own antimicrobial peptides.

Skin Feel

In terms of skin feel, this product is quite distinctive. This emulsifier also makes the product slightly yellowish in color. The product is very refreshing when applied, not sticky at all, and has a watery feel to it, which makes it even more appealing to oily skin. We've talked about this technique before, and although the principle is relatively simple and not very new, it takes a bit of work to get it right and to have a good skin feel and stability. This product has none of the stuffiness, sluggishness, and heaviness that are common in products with more lipids.

Plus, it is friendly to sensitive skin, and with these added anti-allergy repair ingredients, it is really good for the care needs of oily sensitive skin.


As a refreshing turmeric cream, Turmeric Face Cream can be said to be aimed at people with oily sensitive skin, but other skin types can also use it if they need a refreshing treatment, without the urge to escape from the 'oil mask'.

Some brands only have a soothing effect, others can only repair the barrier. A combination of the two, like Turmeric Face Cream, is a one-stop solution to your skin problems, as it provides immediate calming and redness relief, as well as long-lasting anti-inflammatory protection. Long term use is recommended to get to the root of skin irritation


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