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For dry, cracked, swollen and peeling lips, a bottle of lip scrub will do it all

Mar 30,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

Many of my patients come to me with a mouth full of dry, cracked, dead skin and lip lines, and they say to me.

Look, am I lacking in vitamins? My mouth keeps getting wrinkled like this, not only is it uncomfortable, but I also look 10 years older instantly!

Even when I kiss my boyfriend, I'm afraid I'll stab him. ...... You have to help me!

In winter, the incidence of lip infections is much higher. In order to improve the symptoms of the lip, some beautiful girls do not hesitate to buy lip balm and vitamins, but the effect is very little.

The most important thing is that "lip infections need to be treated"!

Today, let Daria tell us how to take vitamins in our body? Which foods have the best vitamin absorption?

There are many causes of dry and cracked lips.

The most common one is the dry winter climate. Especially after being blown by the wind, lips are unable to lock in moisture due to the lack of sebum film protection, which leads to dry, cracked, and molted skin.

In addition, lip infections are also a common cause of dry and cracked lips. Many people, because they feel their lips are dry, will have their tongues add to them and bite them with their teeth, thus exacerbating the severity of the cracking, leading to increased pain, bleeding lips, and even infection and recurring attacks, eventually leading to chronic lip infection.

Nutrient deficiencies are also another common cause of dry and chapped lips.

Furthermore, deficiencies in certain nutrients can make dry lips even more dry and susceptible to chapped lips. The most common nutrients involved are vitamin B2 and vitamin A.

When we are deficient in these two vitamins, our lips become more prone to cracking and a white discharge may appear at the corners of our mouths.

Vitamin B2 and vitamin A are mainly found in fresh green leafy vegetables and animal liver.

To prevent dry lips during the cold, dry winter months, we should eat enough fresh vegetables every day and consider eating animal liver once a week to ensure that our bodies get enough vitamin B2 and vitamin A from our food.

Also, make sure you drink enough water every day.

Once dry and cracked lips have occurred, vitamin supplements are not as straightforward and should still be used to provide quick relief and treatment by applying some lip balms, scrubs, etc.

Talking about skin care today

The lips are more scientifically known as the lip mucosa, and its structure is different from that of normal skin - the cuticle is thin and transparent, only one-third the thickness of normal skin; the lips have no hair follicles, no sweat glands, no sebaceous glands and lack supply; there are also abundant blood vessels in the dermal tissue, making them even more sensitive.

So don't assume that the all-purpose lip balm will help you.

In fact, in the event of a more serious problem with your lips, it is best to find a specialist dermatologist who can diagnose the symptoms of your lips.

The most common type of lipstick seen in outpatient clinics is exfoliative lip infection.

In this case, it is best to apply a soft hormonal ointment, topically for 2-3 days, as improvement will be rapid; after a few days, then choose a lip balm with moisturising properties and a single ingredient to apply, massaging with the fingertips, from the crest to the corners of the lips, until the balm is completely absorbed; and avoid sunlight, air conditioning or irritating foods.

A few small details of particular importance for the recovery of lip infections are highlighted here.

After each meal: wipe gently with warm water, dry with a tissue, then apply ointment or lip balm, remember 'each time'!
When your lips are dry, don't lick them, and don't pull them with your hands: they dry out and peel because they lose too much water, and licking them triggers more rapid surface evaporation, the more you lick them, the drier they get, and the more you pull them, the more the lip barrier is damaged, thus creating a vicious circle.
Avoid eating any hot, scalding, stimulating food: it is really necessary to eat, then it must not touch the lips, slowly to the mouth, to satisfy the tongue and stomach, and did not hurt the lips, so that is appropriate!

Prevention is better than cure, a lip scrub is necessary, remember to make it your skincare routine

The strawberry scrub removes excess keratin on the lips, exfoliates dead skin, and also moisturizes the lips, softens the lip skin, and reduces lip wrinkles. It also has a repairing and calming effect.

The Lip Mask rapidly triggers new collagen fiber growth, restoring healthy glossy smooth lips. Lip Mask can help recover lips natural complexion & moisture deep hydration.


After using 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks:*

  • 97% reported moisturizing lips
  • 93% of people report lip elasticity
  • 94% of people report reducing the appearance of fine lines on the lips
  • 92% of people report lips are soft
  • 93% of people report cleansing lip makeup is thorough
  • 90% of people seem to have shiny lips

*Data from Seek Pretty's internal test report of 50 18-55-year-old women after 28 days of continuous use



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