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Dry! Itchy! Redness! Spring Self-Help Guide for Girls with Sensitive Skin

Mar 29,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

Spring, a word that seems full of life and vitality, is a terrible season for some girls with sensitive skin.

Because of their fragile and sensitive skin, girls with sensitive skin can suffer from problems that are difficult to understand. And with these skin problems at play, the girls may even 'show their true colors' if they are not careful.

Firstly, there is the distressing problem of dry, flaky skin. The flakes flake off your face like willow flakes in spring, and your skin flakes off so much that you wonder if you were a white lady in a previous life.

Then there is the problem of dry itchy redness. There are some places on your body that are itchy and comfortable to scratch, but the itch on your face is something you can't scratch or not scratch. Even the most delicate girl will turn into the Monkey King in seconds with the addition of the scratching action.

To cover up all the skin sensitivities on her face, girls with sensitive skin have to cover up their faces when they go out. A three-dimensional face lift, the latest lipstick, and all the make-up efforts before going out are covered up by a thick mask. Walking down the road, it's as if you're a ninja on a mission.

What should a girl with sensitive skin do in order not to show her "real body" in front of others in spring?

Spring is full of external stimuli, so it's important to boost your skin's 'defences' first
First of all, we need to beware of irritants from outside. Pollen, willow and even dust mites in the spring air can aggravate skin sensitivity and lead to allergies.

In addition to avoiding external irritants, it is also important to strengthen the skin's own defences. The skin's defences come mainly from the skin's outer coat, the skin barrier, which is like a wall, with the keratinocytes and intercellular lipids being the bricks and mortar.

Under normal circumstances this wall is tight and holds its own moisture in place. When the skin barrier is damaged, like a crack between bricks, loss of mortar or a broken brick, it can lead to a situation where your own skin cannot retain water.

At the same time, some undesirable external irritants tend to 'grow in' and irritate the skin, leading to redness, dryness, itchiness, flaking and other sensitive problems.

So, for those with sensitive skin, repairing the skin barrier and moisturizing need to go hand in hand in order to achieve the ideal state of "no water coming out of the skin, no bad things coming in from outside".

Repairing the skin barrier and moisturizing for greater stability with a two-pronged approach
Many of you will already be familiar with common moisturizing ingredients such as glycerine, propylene glycol, panthenol, and urea. However, for sensitive skin, it is more recommended to use physiological lipids, which are lipid components already present in the skin, including ceramides, cholesterol, and some fatty acids. They not only have a moisturizing effect but also have a skin barrier repairing effect.

The C-component ceramide is the most important component of the intercellular matrix, accounting for approximately 50% of the total. It is particularly important for the homeostasis of the inner environment of the stratum corneum by reducing water loss and maintaining the skin's barrier function. It is particularly important for the homeostasis of the inner environment of the stratum corneum. It is like a cell security guard in the skin, guaranteeing a stable state of the skin.

Soothe and soothe for a more comfortable redness
While repairing the skin barrier, sensitive skin can also use soothing ingredients to relieve the redness of the skin. For example, Centella Asiatica, a common ingredient in skincare products, is the main component of Centella Asiatica extract triterpene saponins. The addition of Centella Asiatica glycosides inside skincare products is soothing on the one hand, and Centella Asiatica promotes skin repair and collagen synthesis on the other. For sensitive skin with a damaged barrier, it is, therefore, suitable for use to soothe and reduce redness.


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