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Do you have to wash your face after applying the mask?

Jan 21,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

Do you have to wash your face after applying the mask? I believe that different people have different answers. The mask mentioned here is the most popular mask type. Whether to wash the sleeping mask or not to wash the mask mud, I believe the answer is still relatively clear, so I won't say more here. What we are going to talk about today is only the question of whether to wash the mask after using it.
Today we analyze this problem, it will be very clear

The most common sheet masks are mostly basic moisturizing and moisturizing types, and the main ingredients are generally water, glycerin, butylene glycol, and active nutrients.

At the same time, in order to prevent nutrients from breeding bacteria on the face, many masks are also mixed with a small number of preservatives and antibacterial skincare ingredients. For example, phenethyl and phenpropyl are common preservatives. Fear not, these ingredients are added in very, very small amounts. In the process of applying the mask, you don't have to worry about what effect they will have on your skin. but! If you don't wash it off in time after you apply the mask, the micro-preservatives we just mentioned will remain on the face, especially for those with particularly thin stratum corneum and particularly sensitive skin, they are likely to damage the mucous membrane of the skin, over time, the skin will become more and more fragile, this effect can not be ignored! In addition, if you don't wash off the mask after applying it, your face will be sticky and uncomfortable. Why is this? This is actually because the sticky mask essence residue will stick to the dust in the air, and then slowly block the pores, which will slowly cause oil blockage, acne, and acne. so:

1. After the mask, you need to wash off the excess essence

If you do not wash the mask, the polymer thickener components in the mask liquid may also block or delay the absorption of some active ingredients in the follow-up skincare products, which may affect the skincare effect. Even, there is a chance to aggravate the mud rubbing phenomenon in the subsequent steps.

2. After applying the mask, after washing your face, apply your usual lotion
After applying the mask, don't assume that your skin has absorbed enough nutrients. No need for skincare. That's the wrong idea. If you don't even wash your face after applying the mask, it will have a great impact on your skincare.

3. Avoid excess skin nutrition and long fat granules
After applying the mask, if you don't wash your face often, your skin will have excess nutrients and grow some fat particles for a long time. In particular, it affects the hydration status of the skin. It is easy to cause acne and pimples on the skin. Find out all kinds of small fat granules. In fact, it is just right for skincare, allowing it to absorb nutrients excessively. This reason is very important, so be sure to wash your face after you usually apply the mask.

Summary of whether to wash your face after applying the mask:
Based on the above analysis, the recommendations are:
1. Wash your face with warm water.

In addition to sleeping masks, which can be applied to sleep, other masks need to be cleaned with warm water after application, and warm water can help open the pores on the face, allowing the nutrients of subsequent skincare products to be better absorbed.

2. Use a toner to pat face skin.

3. Apply lotion to face skin.

After using toner, you should use lotion. This is because toner alone is not enough. Some toners are refreshing and moisturizing. Therefore, the lotion is still needed to help lock in the nutrients absorbed by the face when the mask is just applied. Element.

4. Girls with dry skin also need to use creams.

For oily skin, too many nutrients may make the skin more oily, so just using lotion is enough. But girls with dry skin are not moisturizing enough to use lotion alone and need to use a cream that is heavier than lotion.



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