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Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair Care? Good or not

Jan 25,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

The magical coconut oil that appeared out of nowhere has about 101 effects. 
External use can skincare, hair, whiten teeth, and internal use can detoxify and beautify, reduce fat and weight, and enhance resistance. Good for screaming!

Coconut oil is simply the oil of life, the universal oil, the healthiest vegetable oil on earth!

Even big stars highly recommend coconut oil-Victoria's Secret supermodel + hot mom Milan Daker, who revealed that eating 4 tablespoons of coconut oil a day can only maintain her angelic face and devilish figure at the age of 33.

As a cosmetic blogger, we come to 818 Coconut Oil. Let’s start with the ingredients. Cosmetics are composed of a variety of ingredients, and coconut oil is also composed of a variety of ingredients. Since the product can be analyzed, the raw materials can also be analyzed.

Introduction to Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is the oil extracted from the pulp of the coconut. Unlike many naturally sourced oils and fats. Coconut oil is mainly composed of saturated fatty acids. Let's take the edible coconut oil of the Ministry of Agriculture of our country as an example to see what components of coconut oil are.

It can be seen that coconut oil is mainly composed of saturated fatty acids, accounting for more than 80% to 90%. That is, "caprylic acid, capric acid, lauric acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid" in the composition.

Unsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic acid and linoleic acid, are very low, which is very different from the corn oil and olive oil we often eat. With these data, it is easier to analyze which of these statements on the Internet are correct and which are deceitful.

The medical profession points out that even natural coconut oil cannot change the essence of coconut oil containing more than 80% saturated fat. Saturated fat will increase the low-density cholesterol in the body and deposit it on the blood vessel wall, which is not good for heart health. So eating more coconut oil is not good.

2. Is coconut oil effective for skincare?
The saturated fatty acids in coconut oil act as emollients, so a little coconut oil may be added to some skin care products as an emollient.
Coconut oil contains a lot of lauric acids, which should be the most lauric acid in natural oils. The free lauric acid in coconut oil is actually irritating. Because this lauric acid has a smaller molecular weight than palmitic acid and stearic acid. Students who have studied chemistry should know that this is because the carbon chain of lauric acid is composed of 12 carbons, while palmitic acid and stearic acid are composed of 16 and 18 carbons respectively, so the molecular weight is small. We know that substances with small molecular weights are easy to enter through the stratum corneum and enter the skin, thereby causing skin irritation. Caprylic acid (8 carbons) and capric acid (10 carbons) have smaller molecular weights and are more likely to enter the skin. Therefore, if such short carbon-chain fatty acids enter the stratum corneum, it is not beneficial to the skin (but the 18-carbon fatty acids are different). On the contrary, the smaller the molecular weight, the easier it is to cause skin irritation and even allergic reactions. So, for sensitive skin, dry skin, coconut oil is not a good skincare ingredient. On the contrary, it will damage the skin due to improper use.

3. How about coconut oil for hair care?

Coconut oil hair care is a good idea. The ingredients in coconut oil mentioned above have small molecular weights and can easily penetrate into the skin. Also, it can easily get into the inside of the hair. Don't think it's easy to get into the inside of the hair, healthy hair also has several layers of cuticles on the outside. If you want to enter it, the molecular weight must be small, and it must be well combined with the hair.

The study concluded that using coconut oil before or after shampooing can reduce hair damage, especially before shampooing. This conclusion is not difficult to understand, because a lot of damage usually occurs in the process of shampooing and drying. It should be noted, however, that in this experiment, the researchers applied coconut oil to hair strands and let it stay on the hair for 14 hours (equivalent to overnight), and then measured the condition of the hair. This means that coconut oil needs to be "on" the hair for an extended period of time to achieve the desired restorative effect. Although we don't want to overemphasize the conclusions of one experiment, we can at least conclude that coconut oil is effective for hair based on this experiment.

Is the last question worth discussing is how much coconut oil can be absorbed by our hair? For a long time, scientists have been struggling to find effective and accurate measurement methods. It wasn't until 2012 that a study published a measurement using radioactive labels. The new method involves adding a fluorescent radioactive substance to coconut oil to be applied to the hair. This allows the experimenter to separately measure the amount of oil that penetrates into the hair and the amount that remains on the surface of the hair. Preliminary results from this study show that our hair can absorb up to 15% of its own weight in coconut oil within an hour. This number can grow to 20% or 25% if you soak your hair in coconut oil overnight (i.e. six hours). Investigators in this experiment will continue to use this method to test other oil products. Although the scale of this experiment is small, at least we have reliable scientific experiments to prove that coconut oil is an effective natural hair care ingredient and can also be absorbed by the hair. Therefore, as a consumer, you can use coconut oil more confidently and boldly!

Summary of Coconut Oil Skin and Hair Care and Its Benefits and Actions

1. Coconut oil can also be called an all-natural skin care product or cosmetic.
2. However, it is not recommended for long-term consumption of vegetable oil in large quantities. This is not a weight loss product.
3. As a skin care product, coconut oil has no special effects. Many other vegetable oils can completely explode it. On the contrary, you should pay attention to sensitive skin. Although it is not so easy to wipe your face with coconut oil, you should be very careful about the irritation or adverse skin reactions caused. Therefore, Zhenmei Blog believes that it is not suitable for a large number of skin care products that are used for stay-type, especially not suitable for massage; adding coconut oil to rinse-off cleaning products is also a good choice.
4. But coconut oil is a good oil as a hair conditioner in vegetable oils. It can really get into the hair and replenish the lipids of the hair. But if it’s too troublesome to use natural coconut oil, you can consider shampoo products with coconut oil added.

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