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Causes of enlarged pores

Dec 24,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

Q: How should I manage the enlarged pores caused by acne-prone skin? 

A: There are two causes of enlarged pores.

1. Clogged pores, where oil cannot be discharged smoothly through the hair follicles and accumulates in them, thus enlarging the pores, usually in a round shape

2. In aging skin, the pore self-recovery function is weakened, coupled with the gravitational force that causes the skin to loosen, usually oval.

The former is usually the case with acne-prone skin. To improve it, you need to start with the root cause of the oiliness, pay attention to regular exfoliation to prevent clogging of the pores by the cuticle layer, and use a toner with an astringent effect to improve the oily situation.
If you have dehydrated oily skin, you need to hydrate and use oil-free moisturizers to regulate the water-oil balance and reduce oil production.

Q: Is there a cure for oily skin with enlarged pores?

1、Fruit acid treatment

  Fruit acid is a relatively common chemical that can effectively improve the epidermis of the keratin abnormalities, from the stratum corneum to the epidermis layer by layer penetration, resulting in the exfoliation of aging keratin, which can effectively prevent pore blockage, resulting in large pores. It does not require any recovery period and is most suitable for people with oily skin prone to frequent acne and large pores that can easily become oily. So, for those who travel more frequently, you can choose to use fruit acids to shrink your pores and make your skin look smoother and more translucent, as your skin is a woman's second face, so protect it from care.

2、Water light needle treatment

  In the injection of water light needle, you can properly add some pop and botulinum toxin, which can improve the ease on the oily skin problems, but if the pores are large, the improvement effect is very small, but the simple water light on the pore contraction is not very big, need long-term care, keep the time is still relatively long, the main role is to replenish moisture; add botulinum toxin and protein help pore contraction.

 3、Photorejuvenation treatment

  Photorejuvenation is the use of intense pulsed light to stimulate the deeper layers of the skin, causing certain chemical changes to the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin, which then effectively reduces the size of the pores, but its improvement effect will not be better than that of hydroluminescence and laser. Therefore, when choosing this type of method to improve pores, it is important to choose according to your basic situation.

Aesthetic experts say that the causes of the roughness of pores are multifaceted and that treatment, prevention, and maintenance are the three main guarantees of smooth skin, therefore daily maintenance of skincare is very important. Coarse pores are not a disease, in most cases, it is just a physiological phenomenon, just like some girls will have a little beard or something like that, I hope we can also understand correctly, avoid excessive concern and rationalize the actual significance of large pores.


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