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Can skin zone care be divided into more detail? —Maximize skin care efficacy

Jan 06,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

Over the years, there is an important concept of skin care that may have been overlooked, and that is the division of skin care.

Why does the skin need zoned care? Obviously, because the skin is different in each area. For example, the thickness of the stratum corneum and the density of sebaceous glands vary greatly in different parts of the face. Of course, a cream cannot meet the needs of every part of the skin.

Today I will talk about how to partition care.

Let me first talk about eye creams and face creams, which may be the most basic product embodiment of the concept of zone care.

Recently, a friend reported that after applying retinol night cream, the eyes are itchy and swollen, and they dare not touch them, let alone other skin care products.

Is it feasible to replace eye cream with face cream? In fact, there is not much difference between the main formula structure of eye cream and face cream. It is no problem to use some mild face cream as eye cream. However, applying a high concentration of retinol night cream to the eye area is a test of death.

Eye skin is thinner than facial skin, more sensitive and fragile, and more susceptible to irritants. The microbiological testing standards for eye cream products are also stricter than those for facial skin care products (it can be simply considered that it is 3 times more stringent than facial products, which is at the same level as the microbiological standards for baby products). Therefore, the first requirement for eye products is mildness.

However, many products with good effects are accompanied by high irritation. So high-concentration A-alcohol is good for the face, but when it is used around your eyes, it will greatly increase the risk.

From the perspective of skin requirements, the skin around the eyes is thin, the expression is richer, and the blinking of the eyes is more prone to wrinkles. Crow's feet may be the earliest wrinkles in many young people. In addition, staying up late, overusing eyes, etc., make the eyes more attractive. Dark circles and bags under the eyes appear on the skin. A good eye cream will consider these eye skin problems more comprehensively, while a face cream does not consider so much.

In addition to eye creams and face creams, another zoned care that is widely recognized by the public is body care. This article will not talk about the specific content of body care. Just look at an example:

The price of a 300ml bottle of body lotion is only about US$30, and a bottle of 30ml facial cream is also about US$30. From the capacity, it is obvious that using body cream is much more affordable!

This is true, but it also depends on the ingredients of these body lotions. The oil emulsifiers used are different from facial sunscreens. Body lotions are more moisturizing and exfoliating, while facial creams have anti-aging and whitening ingredients in addition to moisturizing. . Therefore, most body lotions and face creams use different materials.

Eye creams are the same as this type. Generally, the capacity of eye creams is only 1/3~1/5 of that of face creams. This also means that eye cream products have enough cost space to add more and higher actives.

In addition to eye creams, body lotions, and other mature zone care products, there are also neck care products that many people overlook.

Many people look in the mirror and find, "My neck is even darker than my face!"-That must be because when applying sunscreen products, I didn't apply my neck by the way~

The black neck is one aspect. When a person reaches middle age, his facial skin is well maintained, but he finds that the wrinkles on the neck have already exposed your actual age😭

The skin on the neck is thin and there are fewer sebaceous glands, making it easier to dry. Turning the head every day, lowering the head, and raising the head, the neck skin muscles are involved in activities, just like the skin around the eyes, it is more prone to wrinkles.

Therefore, care of the neck skin must never be neglected. But this product is not many and not mainstream. As we get older and the aging trend increases, neck care products will be accepted by more people.

If you don’t have a special neck cream, you can also consider replacing the daily moisturizing and anti-aging products. Choose some refreshing, easy-to-absorb formula products with no powder added. The ingredients contain anti-aging silanols such as gold and various anti-aging products. Products with old ingredients such as collagen, antioxidant Q10, OPC, VE, etc. can all be selected. Also note: strong irritating ingredients or products, such as prototype VC, retinol products should also be used carefully on the neck.

Back to our home field of facial skin, let's talk about the divisional care of the face.

There is a type of skin where the T zone is very oily and the pores are large, while the cheeks and chin (which can be called the U zone) are very dry. This kind of skin is generally called combination skin. This kind of skin is the typical need for partition care.


Different areas of this skin have different skincare requirements:

For the T zone: use oil control products, deep cleansing mud films, and pore refinement products.

For U area: strengthen moisturizing and moisturizing. Cream products and other functional products are specifically used in this area.

In other words, due to the different skin conditions and problems in the T zone and U zone, only one product is not enough, and multiple products can be used in different areas. Just like salicylic acid gel, you may not need it on your cheeks and chin, but blackheads on your nose are also very suitable.

The classification of T-zone and U-zone is just a basic facial classification method. For example, if we divide the skin into the following areas, there will be more different needs.


For example, in the traditional T zone represented by 1237, there are differences between 1 and 7, and there are more oil and pore problems in 7 (nose). And 1 (forehead) in addition to more oil, wrinkles will also be more obvious.

6,8 The skin near the periphery of the eyes is easily exposed to ultraviolet rays. Should you pay attention to this area when you apply sunscreen?

5.9 The lower edge is also prone to wrinkles. Can the related anti-aging products be applied more?

These can be further studied and adjusted.

Accurate dispensing care based on skin problems is also a manifestation of zoned care.

For example, some anti-acne products only need to be applied to the acne-prone areas;

If you want to get rid of old spots, you should use some powerful acid products, which are not too irritating. At this time, you can only use it on a part of the area, and you don’t need to use it on the whole face. At the same time, it also avoids the situation that the spots are aggravated after the blemishes

In short, different skin areas have different skin problems, corresponding to different skincare needs. A product, or a certain series of products of a brand, is difficult to meet all the needs of a person. At this time, you should choose the corresponding product according to your specific skin condition and problem, and do not limit it to a certain brand.

This is not a simple stacking and superposition of multiple products in space, but the targeted distribution of products in different spaces, so that different skin parts can use the most suitable products, and it is also one of the ways to maximize the effectiveness of skincare.

I often hear people say that acne bursts after using xx products, irritating, and has no effect. This may be that the product is not suitable, but it is also very likely that the product is used in the wrong area.

So how far has your district care been? In any case, neck care, don't forget and miss it.

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