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A must-have for autumn and winter a "Good oil" that oily skin also loves?

Jan 07,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

In this article, we talk about natural vegetable oils suitable for winter moisturizing. Let these anti-oxidant and anti-aging oils give you a different experience this winter.

Note that these vegetable oils are effective even when used alone! Can be called a single noble of skin care. And it can also be used with various products, it feels like a panacea (we will talk about this usage at the end of the article).

Why use natural vegetable oils for moisturizing in winter? In fact, compared to thick cream products, suitable vegetable oils are not greasy and uncomfortable. More importantly, the unsaturated fatty acids contained in vegetable oils, such as the essential fatty acid EFA that the human body cannot synthesize, can only be supplemented through diet. Of course, external use is also effective for the skin.

In addition, in addition to EFA, vegetable oil itself contains many antioxidant ingredients, which are also of great value to human skin. This time we will talk about some popular vegetable oils and introduce related pure oil products.

Argan oil

Argan oil, which we often talk about, is also called Argan oil. Because it is mainly produced in Morocco, there is another name called argan oil.

Argan oil can be eaten, and can also be used as a cosmetic and skin care product. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, has excellent antioxidant capacity, can repair the lipid barrier of the skin, and has a good repair effect on sensitive skin.

Arglycerin has a higher content of linoleic acid, so it has better skin care nourishment and barrier repair effects.

Argan oil is also suitable for sensitive skin. Argan oil has a more refreshing skin feel and is more suitable for normal and oily skin.

The 100% pure oil masterpieces of Argan oil are: seekpretty Argan oil


Strictly speaking, squalane is not actually a vegetable oil, but a component extracted from plants (olive or sugar cane) (animal-derived squalane is not popular).

Unlike vegetable oils, squalane does not contain chemically unsaturated bonds. These unsaturated bonds are the essential fatty acids in vegetable oils and the reason why they have many skin care effects, and they are also the reason why human consumption is valuable. But also because squalane does not contain unsaturated bonds, it will not be oxidized by air, and it is a very stable oil. So you will see those pure vegetable oil packaging bottles are brown glass bottles, while squalane bottles can be transparent.

Just a few drops of squalane can prevent the moisture loss of dry skin, while the skin becomes soft and perfect~

There is also a small usage: many people feel dry after using retinol products. In addition to adding ordinary moisturizing products, using squalane to moisturize is also a very good method.

Rosehip oil
Rosehip oil is also called rose seed oil. It is composed of a variety of saturated and unsaturated long-chain fatty acids. Contains high content of linoleic acid and linolenic acid, while the content of oleic acid is relatively small.

In addition, rosehip oil also contains other ingredients, like all-trans retinoic acid, tannins, flavonoids, vitamin C, and β-carotene.

The high concentration of linoleic acid and some slightly lower concentrations of antioxidant active ingredients make rosehip oil an ideal skincare oil.

It is generally believed that rosehip oil can resist oxidation and aging, and has a certain whitening effect. Of course, the basic emollient effect is also inborn.

Rosehip oil has a somewhat ugly name on the ingredient list: Rosa canina oil. That's her.

Rosehip oil is also a masterpiece of pure 100% rosehip oil. Clean and neat.

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What are the benefits of using natural vegetable oil?

The most intuitive of course is the immediate emollient effect after use. It can immediately make the skin soft and elastic. It also has moisturizing properties.

Not only that, these natural vegetable oils also have the functions of replenishing essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatory, and repairing the skin barrier. Even certain vegetable oils can make subsequent active ingredients better absorbed into the skin.

However, the more vegetable oil is not the better, especially not enough, do not use too much.

Secondly, it is necessary to understand that various vegetable oils are actually composed of different fatty acids. Due to their different compositions, they have different effects. In addition, with different trace amounts of other ingredients, they will also have different skincare effects.

Even vegetable oils with the same name will vary slightly depending on the place of origin.

Someone asked these are pure 100% vegetable oils, can I buy them myself and pour out a bottle of pure skincare oil by myself? In theory, if you can buy a genuine product, of course, it is just that the adulteration of vegetable oil is too serious. Have you confirmed that you are buying a genuine product, not blended? Can you distinguish shoddy vegetable oil? So it is not recommended that you do this.

Regarding usage. In addition to common usage, there is another usage of these vegetable oils, which is to mix and match. It is also a kind of DIY performance, which can better reflect that these oils can be used as a panacea. This of course requires certain skills. Because not all products can be mixed and matched.

The main purpose of the mix and match is to improve the moisturizing power of the product.

Some lotion products are fine for summer, but not for moisturizing in winter. Squeeze a drop of oil on the palm of your hand, then mix it with the lotion and put it on your face, you will feel much better moisturizing. Especially for body lotions that don't feel moisturizing enough, mixing a little vegetable oil before use will improve it.

Note: Do not mix the whole bottle, just mix it before use.

Not all products are suitable for mix and match. If you are not sure, do not mix and match with powerful products.

Enjoy the feeling of vegetable oil on your face. Perhaps in this cold winter, vegetable oil can bring you a little healing warmth.

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