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5 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Essential Oil

Mar 14,2022 | HISEEK PRETTY

Every time the seasons change, people are prone to drowsiness, and various seasonal symptoms such as coughing and sneezing also follow. Essential oils have become the new favorite of home aromatherapy. 5 great things you can learn about essential oils today that may change your life and keep you healthy!

We know that essential oils exist in various parts of plants, including roots, trunks, bark, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc. But in fact it is not oil, mostly composed of terpenoids, which are organic compounds generated by photosynthesis. Essential oils play an important role in the growth of plants, in addition to their ability to regulate temperature and prevent disease.

Many people will have such questions, are essential oils good for us humans? Is it safe for baby? are essential oil diffusers safe for cats and dogs. can essential oil be used on skin. When should essential oils not be used.
Regarding essential oils, we will discuss the wonderful uses and contraindications of essential oils today.
1.Safety of essential oils
It is worth affirming that essential oils derived from plants are safe as long as they are used properly
Essential oils without essential oils
Essential oil is odorless
Essential oils without carrier oils
Vegan Organic Cruelty Free
2.Types of essential oils
There are many types of essential oils, such as
essential oil to calm dogs
essential oil to help sleep
essential oil to clear sinuses
essential oil to bring on labour
essential oil to help breathing
essential oil to help cough
essential oil for diffuser
essential oil for headache
essential oil for anxiety
essential oil for sleep
essential oil for hair growth
essential oil for cough
essential oil for muscle pain
3.Uses of essential oils
Readers and friends may ask, since there are so many benefits of essential oils, which essential oil is good for hair, which essential oil is good for sleep, which essential oil is good for cough, which essential oil is good for skin, which essential oil is good for colds, which essential oil is good for blocked nose, which essential oil is good for headaches, which essential oil diffuser is best。
I also compiled a detailed list for you.

Here’s a list of 10 popular essential oils and the health claims associated with them:

Peppermint: used to boost energy and aid digestion
Lavender: used to relieve stress
Sandalwood: used to calm nerves and help with focus
Bergamot: used to reduce stress and improve skin conditions like eczema
Rose: used to improve mood and reduce anxiety
Chamomile: used to improve mood and relaxation
Ylang-Ylang: used to treat headaches, nausea, and skin conditions
Tea Tree: used to fight infections and boost immunity
Jasmine: used to help with depression, childbirth, and libido
Lemon: used to aid digestion, mood, headaches, and more.

4.How to operate essential oil skin care

Essential oils are highly concentrated ingredients. For skin care use, most of them need to be diluted with carrier oil to avoid direct use and burn your skin. Except for peppermint essential oil, it can be used on skin.Dilute with a carrier oil such as jojoba or olive oil or a skin lotion. For hair care, add 1-2 drops to shampoo to dilute before use


 ●Do a skin test before use to avoid allergies.
●Do not come into contact with eyes.
●Oral use must be instructed by experts.
● Try not to use the same essential oil every day, and use multiple essential oils alternately.
●Inferior essential oils are harmful
●It is not recommended to apply the essential oil with too high concentration to the body skin, it should be diluted with massage oil.
●The essential oil extracted from peels such as lemon has photosensitivity, so avoid exposure to sunlight after use.
●To distinguish between edible essential oils and inedible essential oils, and pay attention to the amount of use.
●Different essential oils are suitable for people with different constitutions (for example, people with low blood pressure should not use ylang ylang essential oil). To avoid dizziness and discomfort, please consult an aromatherapy therapist before choosing an essential oil.
●Infants, pregnant women, asthma patients, liver and kidney patients, epilepsy patients, and cancer patients must be used under the guidance of professionals.
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