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Top 5 home remedies for pimples

Nov 15,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

Both boys and girls experience an outbreak after entering puberty. Look at the map of acne outbreaks. Acne usually develops on the mouth, lips, cheeks, nose, eyes, eyebrows, ears, head, hairline, neck, and even near the chin. Here are some home remedies that can help you get rid of pimples!

Let’s take a look at some dermatologists’ views about pimples

Question: A 9-year-old boy has pimples, tears, and dry skin. What should I do if it broke out in the chin before puberty

A:The skin's sebum secretion is low, and the skin's natural barrier sebum film cannot be formed well. Pores will gradually become thinner and fragile. Daily dust and other pimples can easily invade the skin! For this type of skin, pay attention to moisturizing and replenish moisture sufficiently. You can try tea tree oil for pimples

Question: 12-year-old boy has pimples, Henrich, oily skin, 4 -6 pimples in a row on his face

A:Oily skin has strong sebum secretion, which can easily block pores. The most important thing is to control oil, clean pores, replenish skin moisture in time, and balance water and oil.

For non-serious  pimples outbreaks, it is recommended to choose turmeric acne cream skin care to effectively relieve them, and use turmeric soap to clean the skin daily

Question: 11-year-old girl has pimples, Lily,  pimples 1 week before period!

A:Adolescent girls will face menstrual troubles. At this time, the hormone secretion is strong, which can cause pimples around the mouth and even the nose and forehead.

This is a normal physiological phenomenon. It is recommended to drink more water during the period, eat less spicy, irritating, raw and cold food, keep warm, and do not squeeze pimples with your hands. The pimples will usually disappear by itself after the menstrual period is over!

Question: 13-year-old boy George has pimples, like to eat fried chicken,his skin is not oily or dry, pimples between eyebrows

A:If you eat too much greasy food, it may cause skin acne. Too much greasy food will cause some endocrine disorders, so it will cause some greasy skin or skin acne clinical manifestations.

It is recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as cucumbers and apples, to clean up the intestines and reduce the burden on the skin! Helps get rid of pimples

Question:11-year-old boy with pimples, Haas, loves football, sweats often, and has pimples on his head and back

A:This is pimple caused by sweating. It is related to skin blockage caused by excessive sweating. So be sure to wash your face immediately after sweating. Don't let anything left on the skin on your face. At the same time, it is recommended to wear some clothes with good air permeability. Cotton clothes to avoid back pimple

Knowing the situation of these acne outbreaks, here are 5 home remedies to treat pimple, which can help you very well

1. Tea tree oil for pimples

2. Turmeric acne cream and turmeric soap 

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3.Light diet,eat more vegetables and fruits

4.Drink more water

5.Choose pure cotton clothes

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