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The best turmeric anti-acne soap used by top bloggers

Nov 12,2021 | HISEEKPRETTY

Turmeric soap is an anti-acne soap recommended by celebrity bloggers. Yes, if you say you are or are going to learn about cosmetic ingredients, then you must have heard the term turmeric, from turmeric tea, turmeric mask, turmeric soap. Turmeric soap is a mild, oil-control and acne-removing soap. Especially for oily and mixed skin with clogged pores and blackheads caused by excessive oil, turmeric soap is a product worth trying.

What exactly is turmeric soap?

Turmeric soap is one of the more famous items in SEEK PRETTY. This product has some reputation because it is suitable for most acne-prone skin while satisfying daily cleansing.

Next, we will conduct a preliminary analysis of the composition of turmeric soap

Turmeric anti-acne soap ingredient list

Water, stearic acid, lauric acid, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium hydroxide, sodium Laureth sulfate, EDTA disodium, sucrose, butanediol, Propanediol, ZINGIBER OFFICINALE root oil, CURCUMA LONGA extract, lemon LIMON seed oil, ALOE BARBADENSIS extract, caramel color

Analysis of turmeric acne soap cosmetic ingredients

From the perspective of the formulation structure, it is the combination of traditional PEG-100 stearate and glycerol lauric acid emulsifier, which is suitable for emulsification in various extreme situations. The extreme here refers to low pH conditions. And add alkaline sodium hydroxide and sodium laureth sulfate active factor cleaner. At the same time, butanediol moisturizing factor is added to relieve dry skin. The propylene glycol used is a moisturizing and penetration promoting ingredient to increase the moisture of the skin tissue

The active ingredients of turmeric anti-acne soap

As an anti-acne turmeric soap, the most important active ingredients in the product are turmeric root extract, lemon lemon seed oil extract and aloe vera extract.
Turmeric root extract: Turmeric root extract is rich in curcumin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, which can clean pores, remove acne, activate skin cells, accelerate acne scar healing, detoxify, lighten acne scar pigmentation, whiten and brighten skin The function of the skin.
Lemon lemon seed oil extract: Lemon essential oil is rich in vitamin C, which is especially beneficial for whitening, astringent, balancing oil secretion, and treating oily skin symptoms such as acne.
Aloe extract: Aloe extract has moisturizing, anti-itch, and anti-allergic effects. At the same time, aloe extract can soften the skin and prevent acne, while aloe extract has the effect of anti-ultraviolet rays, which can effectively prevent the skin from being sunburned. At the same time, the aloe vera extract contains superoxide, which is also very effective against the damage of free radicals to the skin. At the same time, the aloe vera extract has the effect of delaying aging and can reduce the appearance of fine lines. It can also make our skin fairer and prevent the appearance of pigmentation.

However, turmeric anti-acne soap provides more than that for oily skin! In addition to acne, it also regulates oil for oily skin, maintains water and oil balance, and refines pores

The skin feel and effects of turmeric anti-acne soap

After using the whole product, it doesn't feel greasy, and the taste is a kind of natural turmeric herbal scent. At the same time, the product claims a "non-acne-prone formula", which is reasonable. The product contains less oil. At the same time, it also has the effect of turmeric anti-acne soap to clear pores and reduce acne.
The clinical data on the official website also shows the good effect of turmeric anti-acne soap.

Personally, I have oily skin, and I have used this to improve my pores. It is also a rare product that repurchases products that have been used up.

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Note for turmeric anti-acne soap

For those girls and guys who are troubled by oily skin and have some acne troubles, you can give it a try, and it will also help you close your mouth. In addition, especially for oily skin with a certain degree of sensitivity, you can also try it (but please don't die for very sensitive skin, this is not suitable). Of course, this type of oily sensitive skin is just a suggestion. Whether it can be specific, you'd better take a skin test (a small amount of application to the back of the ear) and observe it before use.

More notes

Turmeric anti-acne soap can be used all over the face and whole body. But in the winter season, moisturizing is a necessary homework.
It can be used during the day and night.
The function of turmeric anti-acne soap is to purify pores, improve skin texture, and inhibit the aggravation of acne. It also has a certain effect on blackheads. At least, turmeric anti-acne soap should be a herbal anti-acne soap recommended by top bloggers with visible effects.

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