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Some common questions about acne

Nov 17,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

I have acne, can I use moisturizer? Is it related to abnormal hormone secretion? Does acne in different parts suggest any visceral disease...

I have been troubled by acne for many years. What happened again and again?

Regarding the hot acne rumors and the issues you are most concerned about, please ask the skin care expert Daria to reveal the secrets for you

Rumor 1: acne needs to wash your face more

Many people who suffer from acne have oily facial problems. Do you need to wash your face more or wash your face with soap to remove the oil?

Don't, the correct way is: wash with warm water every morning and night, no need to wash.
You can use relatively mild facial cleansers, such as some facial cleansers that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or turmeric. Avoid excessive cleansing.

Rumor 2: Don’t use moisturizer because your skin is so oily

People with acne, most of the skin is also oily, so oily, do not need to wipe moisturizer?

Of course not. People with acne are often accompanied by impaired skin barrier function, so moisturizing is still very necessary, especially in autumn and winter.

The correct approach is to choose skin care products for acne (acne).

There are many medical skin care brands, remember to choose reliable brands and mall channels.

Rumor 3: Acne in different parts suggests different organ diseases

If it is so magical, doctors can save a lot of things.

But in fact, the workload of my colleagues has not eased. There is no special predictive function for acne in different parts.

The place where acne often develops is nothing more than the face (especially the nose and chin), the front chest, the back and other areas with strong sebum secretion. In addition to the strong secretion of sebaceous glands, hormonal endocrine levels, P. acnes and other microbial infections, abnormal hair follicle sebaceous duct keratosis, genetic factors, eating habits, etc. may all cause acne. It is not a problem with the corresponding organs. .

If you have to say that some organ is sick, it is your biggest organ, the skin, which is out of order.

Rumor 4: Should acne be exposed to more sun for sterilization?

Light sun exposure is not a threat to acne, but excessive sun exposure can make acne worse. One of the unfavorable factors that aggravate acne, so

The correct approach is to do a good job of sun protection, to avoid the impact of ultraviolet rays on acne is a prerequisite.

Rumor 5: Acne is just a puberty hormone

Acne often occurs in puberty, but it is by no means a puberty patent. It is not uncommon to have pimples at the age of thirty or forty. We call it post-pubertal acne.

After we have refuted the rumors, let's talk about some common problems.

Question one: squeeze the acne quickly

Acne can be squeezed, but you are not squeezing it by yourself. You improperly operate yourself, cause secondary infections, leave scars, and regret the original. Mild acne is recommended to use turmeric skin care products first.

Question two: Make-up to cover acne

This is what many beauty lovers are most concerned about. They don't go out without makeup.

Some daily skin care products can be used:

  • Containing nicotinamide and zinc acetate can help control oil;
  • Containing ethyl lactate, phytosphingosine, nicotinamide or resveratrol, turmeric ingredients are beneficial to anti-inflammatory and sterilization;
  • Containing vitamin A acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid ingredients are beneficial to dissolve acne and promote drug absorption

The above ingredients can help the acne cure quickly, but you should use less makeup foundation to avoid clogging the pores and making the outbreak worse.

Question three:How to eat to prevent acne

Regarding the relationship between acne and diet, current research statistics have found that high sugar and oil are unfavorable factors for acne, and milk and dairy products may also break out. Therefore, people with acne should appropriately limit high sugar, high fat, and milk. Food intake. In addition, avoid unfavorable factors such as excessive sun exposure, staying up late, and constipation.

Finally, Daria reminds you that prevention is better than cure, and you must pay attention to choosing natural turmeric skin care products for skin care and cleansing every day!



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