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I got acne for 16 years and finally rescued

Nov 23,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

My name is Rachel, and acne has entangled me since elementary school.

Red, raised, flat, large, small, painful, painless, and sometimes oily acne. It has been lingering for 16 years since I was ignorant of knowing the beauty.

I have imagined countless times that when I woke up, the acne, acne marks, and acne pits all disappeared from my face. The skin on my face could cheat me as the beauty camera showed me.

I can raise my head and stand in front of classmates, friends, and even blind dates.

But the mirror is honest, it always pulls me back:

I am an ugly woman.

I have acne on my face

Before puberty, acne breaks out first

Inter-class exercises in elementary school are when the sun shines the most clearly in the day. One day before graduation, the female classmate standing next to me pointed to my face and told me every word:

"You have a hot bag on your head!"

I was at a loss on the crowded playground and finally waited until I returned to my dorm for lunch. I ran to the bed and picked up the mirror. There were indeed a few red bumps on my forehead, which didn't hurt or was itchy.

A few months later, my aunt and puberty are coming. I spend more and more time sticking to the mirror, but the red bumps seem to be getting more and more. They are constantly changing, growing, and spreading to the nose. The trend of the side.

After puberty, the relationship between male and female students in the class has also undergone subtle changes. But this change did not happen to me.

No one likes me with acne

Sensitivity and love of beauty made me desperately want to erase them from my face. With a reckless instinct, the hard way to get rid of acne began.

Begin to squeeze with hands, try various earthwork to get rid of acne

However, the area where the ointment was applied began to slowly redden and gradually darken.

Until late at night a few days later, I woke up with a dry face and burning skin. Six or seven red and big acne appeared on my cheeks overnight. The texture felt hard and painful... ...

I finally understood that "medicine should not be used indiscriminately."

Eggs, aloe vera...I try any remedies for acne

The magazine said, "Eggs are a treasure of beauty":

The film in the shell can be attached to the nose to remove blackheads;

The egg white, honey, and green tea dregs are blended and applied to the face. The whitening effect is good, and the acne is wiped out.

I followed the steps in the magazine one by one. The slimy liquid and tea dregs flowed to my chin, neck, temples, and ears under the force of gravity. After watching a TV series, I used a spoon to spoon the half-dry mixture on my face. Shave it off, wash your face quickly, and run to the mirror to observe the effect.

However, not only did my skin remain unchanged, but I also developed a bad habit of touching my face frequently with my hands. Because I can always rub off the unwashed and dried honey and green tea egg liquid from the neck or temples, and later I can pick up two new acne.

After the eggs, it was the aloe's turn.

At that time, the aunt across the road often came to my mother to chat, occasionally pinching a green leaf in her hand and rubbing it back and forth on her face. She said it was used for beauty care.

When I heard the word "beauty", my eyes lit up.

I asked her for two slices and asked her how to use them. The juice that overflowed from the aloe vera blade was thick, transparent, and clear, which met all my imagination of beauty essence.

The leftover aloe leaves that I used on the day will be carefully wrapped in plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator until it is completely used up, and the aloe vera liquid will gradually change from viscous to watery. Thinking about it now, what I put on my face was not aloe vera, but a lot of bacteria.

After rubbing the two aloe leaves, the acne was still fighting in guerrilla warfare.

I also tried to slice the cucumber and stick it on my face, but after a few times, a few new acne appeared.

I haven't done a good job of facial cleansing. In the case of small wounds, applying a mask is to cultivate bacteria on the face, not to mention applying various ingredients directly. It is a pity that I only understood this common sense after many years.

My mother scolded me angrily and distressedly. One mouth is too delicious. I eat biscuits, fried dough sticks, fried mochi, and spicy sticks every day. I get acne when I get too angry.

Her words made me clear, forming a set of wrong and unknowing logic: external application to treat the symptoms, internal use to treat the root cause; only by thoroughly solving the root cause can you never develop acne; the root cause of acne is internal heat, and you need to drink medicine to reduce the heat.

I didn’t know until I was in college and after reading many popular science articles and videos:

Acne (acne) is caused by excessive sebum secretion, which leads to blockage of the sebaceous ducts of the hair follicles, and the sebum cannot be excreted to form micro-acne. There are many kinds of bacteria in the hair follicles that multiply to induce inflammation and eventually form acne.

Anti-acne, anti-inflammatory first...

How could I understand this scientific knowledge when I graduated from elementary school at that time?

Adults can drink whatever they can go to the fire, drink a large glass of freshly soaked honeysuckle water on an empty stomach every morning, drink Isatis root during the day, and make up a bowl of kudzu root powder before going to bed.

At the same time, I ate high-oil, high-fat, and high-sugar foods more unscrupulously. After eating, I had another cup of honeysuckle water to alleviate my guilt and fear of acne.

My body undergoes subtle changes in this vicious circle: weight becomes lighter, the stool is not formed, occasionally diarrhea, and more importantly, acne continues to "flood" on my face.

Unclean face, unfinished pimples
After entering junior high school, the throbbing of adolescence had just begun, but I got a nickname: Mazi.

Sensitive low self-esteem pressure increases sharply, the body has a high demand for calories during adolescence, and the high-oil and high-sugar diet continues. Acne is like an inexhaustible leek, growing crop after crop.

The acne on the face is becoming more and more difficult to ignore. The classmate recommended the brand-name "papaya" facial cleanser in the supermarket, saying that it can wash away acne.

Walking into the daily chemicals section of the supermarket, the promoters enthusiastically promoted various oil control and acne products for me: deep cleansing facial cleanser, pore-shrinking toner, whitening skin cream, and blackhead extracting lotion.

The first time I used the facial cleanser, the moisture in the skin was taken away, and it felt clean and tight. The mentality of eagerness for quick success makes me use it to wash my face three times in the morning, at night, and night, hoping to have immediate results.

At that time, I didn’t know that over-cleansing would not eliminate acne, but would destroy the skin barrier and make the skin condition worse.

I don't know when I get up, my face is occasionally dry and it affects my facial expressions; the oil is getting faster and faster, the face towel becomes slippery and not easy to wring out; the acne on the forehead also spread to the sides of the temples.

There is huge shiny acne on the tip of the nose. For a long time, I have had the same type of clown nose!

I can’t bear it, and there’s one more habit on my hand-squeeze the acne, enjoy the pleasure of revenge from the pustule inside, and then bear the consequences of growing acne on the acne.

When I grew up, I saw a lot of news about the eventual death of bacterial infections caused by squeezing, and I felt like I was left behind.

In the third year of high school, I drank instant coffee after staying up late, ate potato chips to relieve pressure, and drank red jujube and longan soup to replenish qi and blood after listening to adults.

The result is an outbreak of acne and closed acne, and the face feels like it is on sandpaper. I'm a bit resigned, maybe my face with acne is the real face.

The heart that wanted to overcome the acne was completely dead.

Pox girls with acne will be noticed by the salesperson

My love for beauty is dead, but WeChat business and direct sellers try to save it.

When I went to university in a different place, I had a little bit of "freedom to spend."

A female junior high school student who hadn't contacted me for a long time suddenly added me to WeChat, concerned about my face "is it still the same as junior high school?" After getting a positive answer, she swiped and threw me a screen introduction of a certain mask.

Due to my relationship with my classmates, I spent more than 100 to buy a box and open the express package. The facial mask lying in it was wrapped in plastic film. It was so simple that I didn't even bother to design the package. I applied anxiously, and hurriedly pulled it off halfway, and threw the unapplied mask into the trash can. I didn't dare to try it.

When I was walking on the road, I dared not look directly at the salesman, because my face had become a "gold mine" waiting to be explored.

When the ubiquitous direct sellers saw my face, they would approach me with a smile, handing out business cards, inviting me to listen to free beauty lectures, and inviting me to use free trial products, and then they would tell stories about themselves and others becoming beautiful. By the way, I sell skin care products and health care products worth thousands of dollars to me.

"Sheepskin and mink are not as good as the skin on a woman's face." The publicity in the lecture said that I was mad. I borrowed 300 US dollars from my classmates. Water-based facial cleanser set and health products.

After half a year of internal use and external use, the face should be oily or oily, or should it be acne or acne.

I have lost the courage and guts to test new things on my face, only praying that it won't get worse.

After sixteen years of fighting acne, a face of acne finally has a name

After graduating from university, I went on blind dates many times and failed many times.

Sitting face to face at the dinner table, I feel that the other person’s eyes are always falling on my acne. It may just be my sensitivity, but I dare not look up or look at each other. I am afraid that my ugliness will be revealed.

I became more inferior, closed, and sensitive.

The turning point occurred two years ago.

At that time, I went shopping alone to buy clothes, complaining because of the acne on my face, no matter how beautiful clothes I wear, it is a horrible thing.

The lady of the clothing store casually gave me one of the most scientific suggestions in the past 16 years: go to the hospital, go to the professional dermatology hospital for treatment by a dermatologist, and listen to what the doctor says.

I immediately registered the number of an expert in the dermatology hospital.

In the consulting room the next day, the acne that had been with me for 16 years finally had a name-acne.

The treatment method is also very clear: Isotretinoin and vitamin B control oil production; brushing fruit acid and applying medicinal film to improve facial roughness; using hyaluronic acid gel dressing in conjunction with daily use; in addition, a light diet does not stay up late. Turmeric soap and turmeric cream for daily cleaning

In the waiting room of the hospital, several girls like me have burst acne after using a certain brand of freeze-dried powder, and some have large areas of redness, long pustules, and hormone-changing faces after using Weishang Sanwu products. ...

Everyone turned to a dermatologist when they were desperate.

After seeing the doctor, my face is still very fragile: traveling to a place with dry air will make the whole face red and peeling; I am sensitive to facial masks and lotions, and I tend to get oily and acne if I use it improperly. I use liquid foundation and loose powder. Make-up, severely stuck powder, floating powder.

But it has always been smoothly developing in a good direction: there is no longer a rough feeling on the face with the hands, the pimples that are full of pus disappear, and the face is not greasy without washing the face for eight hours.

However, large pores and acne pits recessed into the skin are difficult to improve for a while, and once the skin damage is caused, it is often irreversible.



Now, I have become a photographer, and I also work as a clothing model as an amateur. There are more than a dozen girls on our team

Our team's Lucy is the tallest girl in the photo studio. She is conspicuous. At that time, she was the only one who had pimples, which were more conspicuous on her forehead.

Her treatment method is to "cover up" with an inferior liquid foundation.

She is a child born in 2005, and I was born in 1992, 13 years have passed, we still don't know how to deal with acne scientifically.

Looking at her, it was like trying to start my life all over again.

I really want to tell this story in its entirety, and when many little girls see it, they will lose a sensitive and inferior youth.

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