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How to use turmeric clay mask to get rid of acne

Nov 12,2021 | HISEEKPRETTY

The turmeric mud mask is a cleansing facial mask that claims to shrink pores, control oil, and acne problems, so as to make the skin smooth and delicate. As a person who makes a living by trying various skin care products, I often find blackheads and dirt in the pores , Even though I use a strong scrubbing cleansing brush, I can’t clean it well. However, the turmeric mud mask, this pore cleansing mask, has several ingredients that I love very much, which can deeply clean the nasty blackheads in the pores, such as kaolin and Bentonite, turmeric and deep-penetrating small molecules are anti-inflammatory and moisturizing. I personally like it very much.

Can turmeric clear up acne?

Laboratory test results

A two-week self-assessment study test (SEEKPRETTY Laboratory in-house test) was administered to 56 women, aged 20 to 35 years, twice a week. The results are as follows.

-98% of the women felt that their skin was smooth, soft and refreshed.
-95% of the women felt that their skin was deeply cleansed and that their pores were not clogged.
-95% of the women felt their skin was less prone to acne.

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Kaolin and Manicouagan clay

 this pore cleansing mask clay uses a large amount of kaolin clay. These effects are used as highly effective oil absorbers, which also have a strong dirt-removing ability, are gentle to sensitive skin, and have been proven in experimental studies to be non-irritating.

There is a double problem in using kaolin clay or Manicouagan clay in mask clay. First, they may dry out the skin more for people with dry skin. So if you have clogged pores and dry skin, find another suitable product. Secondly, paradoxically, for oily skin, these ingredients may accelerate oil production. Although these clays are highly absorbent, they dry out the skin, so I recommend this product for both oily and dry acne-prone skin, but not everyone is suitable for this product.

Turmeric extract

a natural anti-inflammatory agent that can be used for skin cleansing and exfoliation and acne scar repair and to lighten acne hyperpigmentation and brighten skin tone. According to modern medical research on turmeric, daily use of turmeric extract over a period of six months has shown that it can renew the skin, such as lightening acne scars, skin roughness and light-induced hyperpigmentation.

Turmeric has a strong activating effect on luciferase, indicating excellent anti-inflammatory ability to combat various skin disorders; it has an inhibitory effect on ceramidase, thus maintaining the amount of ceramide in the cortex, which softens the skin, combined with its inhibition of elastase and excellent water-holding ability, which can be used to tone the skin. It is used in acne products to cleanse pores and prevent clogging, and to inhibit bacteria and itching to accelerate acne healing - which is why this ingredient is used in turmeric clay mask cleansing masks.

When turmeric is used in combination with other ingredients, it increases the penetration of other ingredients within the formula. Turmeric extract also has antioxidant properties, anti-sagging and skin tightening properties

Turmeric clay mask clay summary

The turmeric clay mask will work for you if you use the product consistently. We are here to state upfront that the secret is persistence. If you use the clay mask with turmeric 1-2 times a day for 30 days in a row, your pores will shrink, acne will decrease, hyperpigmentation will improve and become unnoticeable. There is no doubt about it.

However, once again, this clay mask is suitable for acne-prone skin and not so much for dry skin. As I said before, it is too dry for people with dry skin, so this product is recommended for comrades with combination oily and combination dry skin - not everyone yo

Turmeric Mud Mask Pore Cleansing Mask Mud Full Ingredients

Water , Manicouagan clay, glycerin , kaolin , cetearyl alcohol,  ethylhexyl, isopalmitate, curcuma longa (turmeric) root extract , dimethicone,  
glyceryl stearate, peg-100 , stearate , propylene glycol, carica papaya fruit extract , cetearyl glucoside ,  lactic acid,  
niacinamide, titanium dioxide, kojic dipalmitate , tocopheryl, acetate, phenoxyethanol,  
xanthan gum, ethylhexyl , glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, aroma, disodium EDTA  ,CI 19140.


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