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How to fade acne marks naturally at home

Nov 18,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

Almost everyone has experienced acne of varying degrees. After the acne subsides, it will leave various marks on the face, forehead, chin, shoulders, arms, body, chest, back, and buttocks: red, black, and uneven. Pits and so on. So, how to remove acne marks? Let's take a look at common acne scars and treatments

There are 3 common acne marks types:

1. The more serious ones are acne pits or hyperplastic convex scars (acne scars);

2. Lighter red acne marks (red acne marks);

3. Black acne marks (black acne marks) caused by abnormal melanin deposition.

The following describes how to fade acne marks naturally at home.

The first type of acne marks:  凹 acne scars and proliferative 凸 acne scars

These two kinds of acne pits are formed when the skin is damaged deep into the dermis or large areas of epidermal defects. The epidermis in this part cannot be regenerated and will be replaced by dermal fibrocytes, collagen and proliferated blood vessels, so acne scars appear.


In the treatment of acne scars, prevention is the first priority. In addition to correct treatment and care, do not squeeze yourself during the swelling and inflammation period. Use unprofessional methods and incorrectly judge the degree of acne. It is easy to damage the dermis when squeezing the acne, and the pits and stains left behind are regrettables that cannot be eliminated for life.

acne scars treatment products

The core idea of ​​how to fade the acne marks is: fill the concave and remove the convexity; try to increase the amount of collagen in the acne pit and remove the excess hyperplastic tissue of the acne scar.

Concave acne scars:

        1. Fruit acid peeling: use high concentration of fruit acid to peel off the skin keratin, promote the shedding of aging stratum corneum, accelerate the renewal speed of keratinocytes and a small part of upper epidermal cells, and promote the proliferation of elastic fibers in the dermis. It has a good effect on shallow pitted acne marks, and can also improve large pores, but it takes multiple courses of treatment to eliminate acne scars. The advantage is safety and small side effects.
           2. Filling with collagen makes the concave part uplift, so as to keep it smooth with the surrounding skin tissue.
           3. Laser microdermabrasion is suitable for deeper cavities. It only takes 2 to 3 times to have a good effect, and the effect is longer. However, because the laser microdermabrasion has a large wound, it needs to cooperate with postoperative maintenance. If maintenance is not done, the skin may become red and black.

Convex acne scars:

            1. Subcutaneous injection, although the acne scars will gradually soften and become flat after the injection treatment, the pigmentation of the scar tissue cannot be diminished, so there will still be certain traces after the cure, and the normal skin cannot be completely restored. Appearance

For less serious acne pits, if you want to get rid of acne pits by yourself, you can use efficient repair products, which will be more convenient, strengthen the skin's own repair ability, and promote the production of collagen. Natural restoration generally takes 8-10 years. Use exfoliating products for mild convex acne scars, pay attention to skin tolerance.

The second type of acne marks: fade red acne marks

Red acne marks are the expansion or hyperplasia of capillaries induced by various inflammatory mediators produced by the immune response in the process of acne.This kind of erythema is not a scar, it will fade away gradually within half a year

Red acne masks treatment products

The idea of reducing red acne marks is: anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory, and avoid pigmentation.


When the situation is serious, doctors usually choose anti-inflammatory drugs, such as antibiotics or hormones, and use them in a short time; the care of skin care products focuses on supplementary skin care products containing anti-inflammatory ingredients; such as turmeric skin care products, which repair acne scars and reduce acne marks , Lighten the pigmentation, brighten the skin! Is a safe and reliable natural anti-acne ingredient

The third type of acne marks: fade black acne marks

It is caused by excessive or abnormal distribution of melanin in the epidermis and/or dermis, and acne is the most common endogenous factor that causes dark brown acne marks


Black acne masks treatment products

The core idea of diminishing black acne marks is to prevent the formation of new melanin and accelerate the metabolism of melanin. Similar to light dark spots.

1. It is recommended to use acne marks vitamin c serum to promote skin collagen production, which can speed up the disappearance of black acne marks

2. Fruit acid skin care products (night use) to enhance the efficacy, on the one hand, it inhibits the production of melanin, on the other hand it promotes skin metabolism and accelerates the elimination of melanin, such as acne marks salicylic acid pads 

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3. Acne marks treatment cream and soap, such as turmeric cream and turmeric soap, natural herbs brighten but dark spots pigmentation, complete skin care system with essence water, the effect is better, sensitive skin care can also be used

Other: daily care of acne marks

For skin with acne marks, it is necessary to do the following skin care:

1. Sunscreen, ultraviolet rays will aggravate melanin deposition and inflammation, strict sunscreen can prevent acne marks and worse

2. Cleaning, cleansing pores and excessive sebum is an important step to prevent acne

3. Correct skin care habits: Never squeeze with your hands to avoid misjudgment and cause acne pits

4. Life and rest habits: good skin sleeps, regular good work and rest habits, normal endocrine, balance the secretion of skin oil

Summary of Fading Acne Marks

(1 )Serious acne scars need to go to the hospital for laser treatment;

(2) For red acne marks and dark spot acne marks, you can use acne mark cream and essence skin care products for conditioning, such as turmeric series. Vitamin C serum can dilute the pigmentation and brighten the skin very well.

(3) Maintain a good attitude and skin care methods





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