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How Acne Under Nose Can Ease Your Pain

Nov 12,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, usually occurring on the face, forehead, nose, around the mouth and under the chin and neck, and even on the back.

It is reported that 95% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 are affected to some degree, which is hell for many people.

As seen in previous blog posts on how to get rid of acne, there are always ways to get rid of nose acne that can help you get rid of these annoying acne! Give you back a clean nose!

Let's look at the acne on nose map

The nose is often acne, the nose and eyes have acne, around the nose and forehead, around the nose and mouth, on both sides of the nose, and even on the nose!

The nose is often acne, the nose and eyes have acne, around the nose and forehead, around the nose and mouth, on both sides of the nose, and even on the nose!

Know the map of nose acne, acne on nose what does it mean

Causes of nose acne outbreaks

1. The appearance of acne is related to hormone secretion

Female puberty, menstrual period and pregnancy period, the frequency of acne outbreak is very high, acne on nose that won't go away.

The secretion of male androgen, hormones and metabolism will be disordered, leading to excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, clogged facial pores, and causing acne.

Cause:The advent of the menstrual period will change the originally balanced secretion of estrogen and male hormones

2.Get angry

This is also a very common cause of acne. After eating spicy fried food, a large red and big clear acne appears on the nose.

Causes: Chinese medicine theory believes that this dietary problem causes heat in the stomach and large intestine. The heat evil attacks the lungs and the heat lungs attack the face, and the disease is relapsed due to the evil toxins.

3.Hereditary oily skin

Oily skin produces a lot of oil, pores are larger than ordinary people, and the stratum corneum is thick. In winter, oily skin can be kept in good condition, but the face is shiny in summer, especially on the nose.

Cause: Naturally oily skin, excessive oil secretion, clogging pores, leading to the formation of acne.


 The excreted secretions of mites can easily cause clogging of pores, and the pores will gradually become thicker and the skin will become more and more oily. If it is not treated in time, acne problems will occur. In severe cases, it will also cause skin inflammation. (From Jinan Peking University Dermatology Hospital)

Cause:Mites' excretion clogs pores,fungal acne under nose

5.Error cleaning

Improper selection of skin care products, keratin is not discharged in time, clogged pores, causing pigmentation, causing black and white hair, and acne

Cause:Incorrect nose cleaning

Acne on nose treatment

1. Usually, you must avoid touching the acne that has grown with your hands frequently, and you should not try to cover up the rash with hair or foundation cream, especially to overcome the bad habit of squeezing acne with your hands, because of the bacteria on the hands and the hair. Dirt is very easy to infect the skin, aggravate acne, and squeezing can cause permanent depression scars, leaving a lifelong regret.

2. In the usual diet, eat less fat, high-sugar, spicy, fried foods, white wine, coffee and other stimulating beverages, eat more vegetables, fruits, and drink more water.

3. Avoid using oily or powdery cosmetics at ordinary times, and use water-based care products with caution, and don't use heavy makeup. Before going to bed, you must completely remove the cosmetics of the day, and do not apply nutrient creams, ointments, etc. before going to bed, so that the skin at night can be relaxed, unblocked, and fully breathed.

4. It is recommended to choose salicylic acid cotton tablets or turmeric botanical anti-acne skin care products, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, invigorate the skin, and promote healing!
Note: Avoid greasy food, avoid spicy food, avoid tobacco and alcohol.

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