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How Acne Diet Can Help You Improve Your Health

Dec 09,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

Should I talk about taboos when I get acne? This can't be eaten, so what happiness is there in a life who can't eat it either! Don't worry, today I will talk about what to eat to give you good skin that is not prone to acne! After reading this article, roll up your sleeves and eat with confidence!

1. Let the staple food, eat less sugar, eat less sugar and eat less sugar ...

GI diet will rapidly increase blood sugar, causing a large amount of insulin to be secreted into the blood, which stimulates liver cells to secrete IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). After skin cells sense this substance, they will secrete testosterone (an androgen!). Stimulate oil secretion and block hair follicles.

What is high GI? GI is the glycemic index. Common high GI foods are mainly sweets and white rice noodles. Therefore, we can try to replace the staple food with potatoes, miscellaneous beans, or add some coarse grains to white rice noodles. The bran of coarse grains is also rich in vitamins B1 and B6, which are not only related to carbohydrate metabolism but also play an important role in maintaining normal skin stratum corneum metabolism and oil secretion. Slow metabolism of keratinocytes and excessive oil can block hair follicles Cause acne!

Isn’t it a treat to eat wowotou, rye bread, and roasted sweet potatoes occasionally? Why not try using whole grains instead of ordinary staple foods once a week!

For the extra refined sugar, no more than 50g per day, preferably less than 25g (about 2-3 flat spoons), beware of the sweet trap.

Summary: sweet = fat + acne

2. Eat more vegetables! Fruit is indispensable

Eat a lot of vegetables every day, preferably around 300-500g. In fact, they are a good source of calcium, and the content of various minerals and water-soluble vitamins is not low. Dark vegetables are especially recommended, such as purple cabbage, etc., which contain antioxidants such as proanthocyanidins and selenium, which help anti-aging and reduce acne marks and pigmentation! Carotenoids can be converted into vitamin A in the body, which is very important for maintaining the health of the skin stratum corneum.

Similarly, eat fruits every day to supplement various vitamins! But remember, fruits can't be used to replace vegetables, after all, they have higher sugar content. Eating 1-1.5 servings of fruit the size of a fist every day is enough!

The cellulose brought by a large number of fruits and vegetables can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and wrap harmful substances out of the body, which is not only good for the body but also great for the skin. As a prebiotic of intestinal probiotics, cellulose can reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and prevent these bad guys from producing some cytokines that stimulate skin acne! Natural vitamin C, vitamin A, multiple minerals, phenols, and other antioxidants are also the key to preventing acne marks and pigmentation!

3. The meat is really delicious, and the skin is healthy and elastic.

Eat about 100-150g of red and white meat every day (about 1-1.5 palm-size)! Considering that the diet of modern people is still relatively greasy, white meat such as seafood and chicken can be preferred. They are rich in protein and are important for maintaining the normal elasticity of the skin. The intake of high-quality protein can ensure that the skin has good resistance to the cause. The growth of bad bacteria for acne! Acne-prone skin also needs stronger repairing power to heal, in order to minimize the chance of leaving acne pits!

In order to lose weight, some girls completely refuse red meat such as pigs, cows, and sheep, which is absolutely inevitable. Red meat is a good source of iron, and the cholesterol in it is also the raw material for the synthesis of estrogen. A balanced hormone level is closely related to the skin that does not develop acne.

4. Egg yolk is not taboo, soy is also a good protein

You can eat 4-7 eggs a week, and you don’t need to treat the yolk as the devil. Eggs are our eggs, and most of the nutrients that moisturize chickens are in the yolk!

I don’t know if you have ever heard of our country’s "Soybean Project", it sounds great, right? Both meat protein and soy protein are called high-quality protein because the body has the highest rate of absorption and utilization! It can be said that soybeans are vegetarian meat! And the soy isoflavones not only have anti-oxidant effects but also have the mysterious effect of dual-effect regulation of the endocrine. The balanced estrogen level also helps to reduce the production of acne. But pay attention, only soybeans are high-quality protein, and other legumes should be included in the staple food! Tofu, soy milk, and tofu skin are all good soy products. Some people feel uncomfortable after drinking milk or may develop acne. Why not drink a bag of soy milk during breakfast!

The one who is tearing the spicy strips! What are you doing! stop it now!

5. A handful of nuts every day, the skin is shiny and youthful

Can't eat sweets anymore, life without snacks is no fun? We still have nuts! As a snack, it not only relieves gluttony but also supplements a variety of essential fatty acids, which is important for maintaining the normality of skin cell membranes. The unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E rich in nuts also have a strong antioxidant effect

Nuts have high-fat content and considerable calories. One small handful a day, about 25g is enough.

Huang Feihong fried peanuts are not good!!

6. Drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water if nothing happens

Did not ask you to "drink more hot water"! Seriously, drinking more water is really good for acne-prone skin.

The best drink is of course plain water. Of course, I know it’s hard to drink, so why not add some ingredients? Green tea, black tea, dark tea, Pu-erh tea~ In addition to replenishing water, it can also replenish various antioxidants such as tea polyphenols. Roses, chrysanthemums, medlars ~ not only moisturizing but also more nourishing, some scented teas also have the effect of nourishing the skin. But be careful not to drink too many cold beverages such as chrysanthemum, green tea, etc., blindly "lower the fire" and be careful that your stomach can't stand it!

Although drinking plenty of water is good, don't use drinks instead! Especially sweet drinks, you may not pay attention to the sugar content of a bottle of juice! Not only does it not have the effect of supplementing water, but it also raises blood sugar in vain and increases calories. Carbonated drinks can even destroy your teeth~

7. There are some other things I want to say

If your acne is really serious, then don't imagine that you can eat it back, go to the hospital for registration! Let a professional doctor help you. If it is the polycystic ovary, seborrheic dermatitis, pityriasis rosea, or fungal infection, appropriate prescription drugs (the doctor may use hormones, antibiotics, and vitamin ointments, the "three elements" have always been super effective drugs) can really solve the problem.

There are many lifestyle habits, and diet is only a part of them, but it is really important. A good diet is not only good for the skin but also helps maintain a good posture and physical and mental health.

No food is omnipotent, and no food is absolutely untouchable. Choosing the right ingredients is very important, and the correct way of cooking is also very important! In order to make vegetables more delicious, many elderly people often use a large bowl of oil to fry a plate of greens, which completely offsets the health effects of vegetables. Canned fruits pickled in sugar have low nutrition and high calories. Nitrite and protein in cured meats can become carcinogenic ammonium nitrites, and grilled meats can produce carcinogenic heterocyclic amines at high temperatures. Many soy products are fried with a lot of oil in order to imitate the taste of meat. This is also the reason why many monks are vegetarian for a long time but have a big belly


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