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Five suggestions for purchasing retinol products

Dec 17,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

Many people are considering choosing skincare products containing retinol. Two important problems that need to be solved when retinol is added to cosmetics are stability and irritation. Therefore, how to choose vitamin A alcohol product is also based on these two points.

1. Based on the irritation of alcohol to the skin. If the skin is intolerant,

Generally choose to start with low-concentration products. This is beyond doubt.
2. Products containing anti-irritant ingredients such as bisabolol can help relieve irritation symptoms. Therefore, if the product emphasizes low irritation, you can consider buying it.

3. Product packaging is very important. If it is an opened and unsealed package, the activity of retinol cannot be preserved. Retinol needs to avoid oxygen, high temperature and light to maximize its activity. Therefore, products need to be selected according to this principle.

4. The best packaging is a sealed aluminum tube. Oxygen and light cannot pass through this packaging. Therefore, it is very beneficial to the preservation of A wine.

5. Since the stability standard of A alcohol does not require 100% activity during the shelf life, the longer the production time, the lower the A alcohol content. Therefore, we need to choose the freshest retinol products!

The above 5 points are the reference standards for selecting retinol products under the same conditions. The same standard means that the price and R&D strength of the brand owner is not considered. Because some companies with strong R&D capabilities have adopted advanced technology and good formulas in their products, they can add points to the effect and stability of A-alcohol. As for which company has the most in-depth research and development of retinol, it should be SEEKPREEY, a product research, and development company with more than ten years of experience in the production of skincare products and long-term cooperation with major well-known brands.

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