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Deep cleansing to get rid of large pores

Nov 19,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

"Slippery skin" is everyone's pursuit. However, many friends have the problem of large pores to varying degrees. This article shares some suggestions for you from the perspective of skincare, hoping to help you.

Why are pores enlarged?

There are relatively few special studies on enlarged pores in China, and the reasons have not yet been determined. Statistics show that large facial pores are related to factors such as genetics, strong secretion of hair follicles and sebaceous glands, hormone levels, vitamin A deficiency, ultraviolet exposure, and natural skin aging.

Many large pores are actually closely related to improper cleaning. Many large pores are affected by puberty hormone levels. The secretion of oil is strong, and improper cleansing of the skin causes the pores to become clogged and the pores become noticeably enlarged. Large pores are often accompanied by oily skin, blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. , Acne and other problems; clean pores, no dirt, no blackheads, and whiteheads, it will naturally look much smaller, this should not be underestimated.

Fight against enlarged pores, starting from deep cleansing

Effective deep cleansing, can wash away the dirt and excess sebum on the skin surface, clean up the pores, and remove the aging cuticle;

For non-sensitive oily skins, it is recommended that you use fruit acid, salicylic acid, and turmeric cleansing products. While cleaning, fruit acid can accelerate the shedding of aging stratum corneum, and the fat-soluble nature of salicylic acid can deeply clean up pores; These products are more effective for clogged pores. Turmeric soap is good for antibacterial cleansing and fine pores

For dry and sensitive skin with large pores, it is recommended to use a mousse facial cleanser (pH around 5.0-5.5) to help exfoliate the aging stratum corneum. The gentle degreasing power will not over-defat the skin and retain the necessary cells of the skin. Lipids also help reduce oil secretion.

Stop arrogantly controlling oil

The oil secreted by the skin is an excellent emollient ingredient, and the formulas made by a formula engineer in his lifetime cannot be the same as sebum. Every day we wash off the excellent natural emollients and then apply synthetic or extracted oils. This is a question worthy of reflection for our researchers.

The sebaceous glands of the skin are a very sophisticated system that continuously secretes sebum according to the skin condition. Too much or too little secretion is an internal problem in the body. Vitamin A deficiency, abnormal hormone secretion, etc. can interfere with the secretion of sebum. Please consult a doctor in such cases.

In addition, many oil-control products are astringent ingredients. Astringent additives such as aluminum salt and zinc salt are used to tighten skin keratin through protein coagulation. Antiperspirants, antiperspirants, oil control, and pore shrinking products will all be used. Add ingredients of this type. Linda believes that this type of product is undesirable. Through protein denaturation, coagulation of protein will reduce pores and reduce oil secretion, which is equivalent to holding the oil in the hair follicle sebaceous glands. Skin problems such as whiteheads and even acne should not be underestimated.

Warn everyone: oil control should be "drained" rather than "blocked."

Sun protection work can not be ignored

There is much literature on skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays. However, ultraviolet rays can also aggravate sebum secretion, cause DNA damage and produce reactive oxygen species and photochemical substances, which are prone to blackheads, and aggravate skin damage and oxidation. The pores become loose due to the photo-aging of the skin and lose the support and traction of collagen fibers, which manifests as enlarged pores.

Pay attention to daily sun protection, use an umbrella, wear a hat, apply sunscreen, and try not to go out when the sun is strong. This can delay and reduce facial pores to a certain extent.

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Mousse Cleanser

A mild foaming agent, the soft beads will dissolve when washing the face, help clear pores and remove dead skin, can effectively wash away blackheads, stick to a period of time, can effectively relieve and reduce large pores, and the price is relatively low, it is worth it recommend. Suitable for all skin types

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