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Can turmeric cream help with acne scars

Nov 12,2021 | HISEEKPRETTY

For many young girls, too much oil, blackheads and pores, are always a big skin problem that is difficult to solve. Acne scars after acne can also cause hyperpigmentation, and there is always a need to find a solution.

The turmeric face cream from China has been popular for a long time. It is estimated that you have seen it in various public account articles and Weibo. So what kind of Niu X product is this that makes countless people talk about this turmeric cream? Let's pick it up today.

Turmeric cream is a herbal extract cream. It has a turmeric scent and a strong herbal fragrance when used. The herbal smell will make people feel healed and breathe smoothly. Pore problems are mostly oily skin. This feeling will please you. The whole product is non-sticky, creamy texture and easy to spread.

But the key is whether the turmeric cream reduces acne scars and reduces the effect of pigmentation

This product contains allantoin and caprylic acid/capric acid triglyceride, a coconut oil derivative. These substances have high clarity, easy absorption, increase and promote the hydration ability of the stratum corneum. The use of these ingredients is helpful to the skin It becomes smooth, moist and tender, and softens keratin, which can promote cell regeneration and wound healing, and make the skin smooth. In terms of pore cleansing ability, C14-22 Alcohol/C12-20 Alkyl Glucoside is a mild cleanser extracted from coconut oil, non-acne-causing, fused with disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, hydroxyacetophenone, hexamethylene Glycol, pentanediol, tromethamine adjust the pH value of cosmetics, stabilize the active ingredients, enhance the skin feel, combine the moisturizing properties of propylene glycol and butylene glycol, penetrate into the skin, and improve the skin, cyclopentasiloxane/cyclohexane Siloxane, organic extract, relatively mild texture, skin care, improve smoothness, glyceryl stearate provides extra fat to the skin, reduces the evaporation of moisture in the skin, and rehydrates and restores dry skin and hardened stratum corneum Soft and elastic, from the structural point of view, these are mainly moisturizing, smooth, soft and clean.

In addition to these ingredients, judging from the ingredient list, there are several plant extracts in the product, which are more critical for removing acne and repairing scars, reducing pigmentation, controlling oil and improving skin texture.

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Turmeric Root Extract

Turmeric contains volatile oil, curcumin, as well as annatto, norannatin and trace elements. It has anti-inflammatory effect; Turmeric has an inhibitory effect on a variety of bacteria, and volatile oil has a strong inhibitory effect on fungi; Turmeric water extract has varying degrees of inhibition on a variety of skin fungi. It promotes the detoxification and healing of inflammation, acne and blackheads! Lighten pigmentation and brighten skin at the same time!

Aloe extract
This is an ingredient often added to oily skin. The aloin and aloe vera contained in aloe vera extract are very effective in beauty. The use of aloe vera extract has moisturizing and anti-itching, as well as anti-allergic effects. At the same time, aloe vera extract can also soften the skin and prevent acne.

Portulaca extract
Purslane extract is rich in plant polysaccharides and vitamins, has broad-spectrum antibacterial properties, and has anti-inflammatory effects. It can prevent skin diseases such as skin eczema, allergic dermatitis, contact skin, etc.; has good oxygen free radical scavenging ability, which can Nutrition lubricates the skin and promotes epithelial cells, reducing dead skin and cuticles caused by dryness.

There are also some other plant extracts, such as cardoon leaf extract also claims to have the function of improving pores; family cabbage bud extract, which claims to clean and protect our skin cells from harmful molecules, and has a whitening effect. . Cardoon leaf extract contains effective ingredients such as caffeoylquinic acid, which is theoretically an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant raw material.

Therefore, there are still many types of plant extracts added in the entire product.

There are also many moisturizing ingredients added to the product, such as aquarium, xanthan gum and glycerin, which are all classic and effective moisturizing ingredients.

Let's look back at the official principle of acne and pigment reduction, and we can see that it is basically turmeric extract that works! Whether it is from the perspective of clearing pores or promoting skin renewal.

There may be several reasons why this product is so popular

There is a lack of powerful products for acne removal and repairing acne scars in the market, and turmeric cream meets this demand.
This turmeric cream has a herbal effect, it is great for oily and sensitive skin, and it feels better on the skin.
It has a certain degree of lightening acne pigments, whitening and brightening the skin, so you may see some skin improvements after long-term use
The product is cheap, more than 100 yuan, or herbal formula. High praise rate on the Internet, easy to grow grass

General Review of Turmeric Cream

On the whole, it has a certain improvement effect on oily skin with pores. Adherence to use has a certain effect of smoothing the skin. It can remove the dirt in the acne pores and accelerate the metabolism of the stratum corneum to make acne pigmentation appear less. Some positive effects. In fact, turmeric root extract and portulaca extract play the biggest role. The added amount and inherent characteristics of these other active ingredients are mainly moisturizing and oil control. To improve acne skin, this turmeric cream is far from enough. It needs to start with the prevention of excessive secretion of oil, diet, work and rest, skin care and other aspects to have a little practical effect.

Therefore, in general, the entire turmeric skin care system is still needed, and long-term adherence to use can see better results.

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