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Can i exfoliate if i have pimples

Nov 16,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

We know that the cause of pimples outbreaks is usually due to strong hormone secretion. For oily skin, excessive sebum secretion can clog pores, and pimples is worse, which greatly affects personal image. In addition to daily cleaning, do I need to exfoliate?Is exfoliating good for pimples?

I spoke with Dr. Daria, the founder of HISEEKPRETTY, to answer this question and discover any rules you should follow when treating pimples safely and effectively.

As mentioned in the blog post, if you do not exfoliate, dead skin cells will accumulate on the body, which may cause clogged pores and form blemishes, leading to acne around the mouth and acne on the cheeks.

Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, clean pores and dirt, reduce pigmentation and dark spots. It also smoothes and brightens the overall condition of the skin, so it is an important part of everyone's skincare routine. Dr. Chris, the founder of HISEEKPRETTY, told skincare and beauty instructors, "Removing dead skin cells helps brighten skin tone."

But pimples skin is also highly sensitive, and exfoliation is also very demanding. "I have some patients who have severe pimples on their faces and are trying to repair it by using harsh and dry chemical exfoliants," Dr. Chris told me. "Obviously, this is against science; when patients over-exfoliate and over-dry skin, the skin is more prone to breakouts."

With this in mind, an exfoliating formula suitable for pimples is very important. As reported by professional skin care brand La Roche Posay, it is widely believed that physical exfoliation (such as facial scrubs) may cause harm. They create micro tear marks on the skin, making it easy for bacteria and pathogens to enter (which in turn can cause spots). Physical scrubs can also be rough and rough, sometimes causing more inflammation. For this reason, HISEEKPRETTY recommends that chemical exfoliants (pads containing alpha-hydroxy acid and glycolic acid) are a safer choice.

In terms of how often you should exfoliate, as Allure's beauty experts recommend, about 3 times a week, not too often.

I chose some of the mildest exfoliating formulas, glycolic acid cotton pads, which are very suitable for sensitive,  pimples skin.

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