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7 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Glycolic Acid

Dec 07,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

The party of ingredients continues to grow, the classic ingredients from salicylic acid, azelaic acid, lactic acid, and then slowly blown to glycolic acid. Speaking of glycolic acid, we have to mention Magiquehuaer, the ancestor brand of glycolic acid. Magiquehuaer is a professional skin care product manufacturer, composed of a team of experts with more than 20 years of skin care experience

Since its establishment more than 20 years, it has always focused on herbal skin care, medical beauty technology, and skin beauty. All its products have been validated by dermatologists.

Let's learn about the history of glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is the simplest hydroxy acid. Glycolic acid was first obtained by treating glycine with nitrous acid in 1848, and it was confirmed in 1851. Glycolic acid is widely found in nature. For example, sugar cane, sugar beet, and unripe grape juice contain a small amount of glycolic acid, so they can be regarded as natural products. Citric acid from oranges and other citrus fruits can also be classified as glycolic acid.

Benefits of glycolic acid for skin

Glycolic acid has many functions for the skin.

Glycolic acid can peel off the excessive accumulation of keratinocytes, unblock hair follicle openings, prevent clogging of pores; promote skin keratin renewal, so that skin renews itself every 28 days.

Glycolic acid activates epidermal metabolism, can gently remove dead skin cells, stimulate new cell regeneration, enhance elasticity and firmness, thereby minimizing fine lines and wrinkles;

Glycolic acid with a small molecular weight has the strongest skin permeability and is suitable for chemical peeling preparations, which can help improve skin texture, reduce pores, combat blackheads, and reduce blemishes and pigmentation. Glycolic acid is the most effective but least irritating acid among all exfoliating acids. Can maintain the health of normal skin and the effect on wrinkles, acne, or pigmentation

Cells on the skin surface often rupture or divide, giving the skin a rough and dry feeling. Therefore, it appears dull and lifeless. Glycolic acid can restore moisture in skin cells, making them look firm and soft

Firming and lifting
Glycolic acid can also stimulate the skin to produce more collagen. Collagen is a protein that gives the skin firmness, fullness, and elasticity. Prevent sun UV damage

Smooth skin
Glycosaminoglycans are ground substances responsible for binding moisture in the skin. Using glycolic acid can restore the skin through these substances, making it look smoother and fuller

Lighten pigmentation
Glycolic acid releases newer and healthier skin cells by relaxing the gelatinous substance on the skin's surface. It also stimulates the production of new cells, thereby improving skin texture, tone, and a brighter complexion, diminishing dark spots, pigmentation, and youthful complexion

After talking about the glycolic acid family and skincare effects, let's take a look at the products of Magiquehuaer glycolic acid pads. In the past few years, exfoliating and acne removal have been a best seller.

This medical-grade glycolic acid acne treatment is rich in natural, unaltered ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve skin tone, shrink pores, and treat acne and scars.

Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecule size Salicylic Acid dissolves in oil. They treat your acne both epidermis and deep skin. They penetrate deeper into your pores and work by speeding up cell turnover. They help dissolve the bonds that hold skin cells together, allowing dead skin cells to slough off more rapidly than they would on their own.

Glycolic acid summary
Magiquehuaer professional skincare provides a series of products to choose from cleansing to refreshing and special skin repair, including daily medical skin care products for home use, and acid peeling series for doctors. At present, its skincare products are more than 1,80 in the world. Widely used in various countries. The expert team continues to improve and innovate glycolic acid technology. At present, they have a number of technical patents, and more than 100 world-renowned brands are using magiquehuaer's glycolic acid products. If you decide to use glycolic acid for acne exfoliation, these glycolic acid pads are worth a try!.

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