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5 Top Ways To Do Acne Under The Chin And Neck

Nov 12,2021 | HISEEK PRETTY

Acne can occur on almost any part of the body, even under the chin and neck. Here are 5 top ways to help you get rid of acne !

 Let’s first look at the causes of acne under the chin and neck,then share your 5 top ways!

Regarding the cause of acne, the HISEEK PRETTY blog (https://hiseekpretty.com) mentioned it in a previous article. If the skin is oily, the sebaceous glands are too developed and the sebum secretion is too strong. If the pores are blocked or due to other reasons, the sebaceous glands continue to secrete, and the sebum will accumulate in the pores, protruding, forming acne, and bacterial infection , Acne formation. The cause of chin acne is more related to body function and secretion.

acne under chin and neck meaning

1.Often related to hormone secretion. If it is female

During puberty, menstruation and pregnancy, women have strong hormone secretion, which can cause chin and neck acne, which is common acne vulgaris。

2.The cause of acne on the chin and neck is also related to diet

According to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, fishy substances will enlarge the chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands and increase the difficulty of treatment. For example, seafood and mutton, beef, duck and other fishy substances will cause heat accumulation in the body and aggravate the condition. Other hot and spicy foods can irritate the body, such as peppers, garlic, and leeks. Therefore, people with acne on the chin and neck should be careful not to consume such foods. On the other hand, if you want to find the cause of chin acne, first see if you have eaten these foods recently.

3.The cause of acne on the chin and neck is very important to the season.

In different seasons, the body's skin oil secretion is different. Acne disappears and grows for many years, and it is difficult to completely eliminate it. Although acne may develop in other parts of the face, it is easier to heal. Acne on the chin and neck is more difficult to deal with.

4.Causes of acne on the chin and neck are related to lifestyle habits

Staying up late, working pressure, and mental tension are also an important cause of chin acne.

5.Improper cleaning causes acne on the chin and neck

Modern people love beauty and always apply smears, but never pay attention to cleansing, exfoliating, skin care and moisturizing, which leads to clogged pores, chin and neck breakouts

In summary of the various causes of chin acne, here are 5 top methods to treat chin and neck acne, please remember

Method 1: Women during adolescence and pregnancy must drink plenty of water, and then choose plant-based anti-acne skin care products, which are relatively safe

Method 2: Light diet, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, apples, kiwis, broccoli, tomatoes, etc.

Method 3: Moisturize the skin in advance before the season changes every year. Choose turmeric skin care lotion, serum and cream to build the skin barrier in advance

Method 4: Go to bed early, don’t stay up late, watch your mobile phone less, take a spa at night and take a good night’s beauty sleep

Method 5: Use facial cleanser to clean your pores every day, remember to rinse your neck and chin with warm water, and then apply turmeric skin care products to moisturize


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