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5 best ways to treat back acne

Nov 12,2021 | HISEEKPRETTY

Acne occurs at any age, whether you are a woman or a man, a boy or a girl, you can experience acne problems. If your back acne flares up after a year or two, here are some back acne remedies, so let's take a look at the causes of back acne at different ages and how to treat it.

Q1. Boys and girls between 11-14 years old often have red, big and purulent acne on their backs, which can cause pain with a little pressure. Their trouble is that the acne is so serious, how can it be cured? Will it leave scars?

A. The cause of acne on the back of 11/12/13/14 years old is typical puberty, and the skin texture is generally related to the strong secretion of hormones.

As it is during puberty, elevated androgen levels increase sebaceous glands and increase sebum secretion. Sebum provides a material basis for the growth of bacteria such as acne bacillus.

These bacteria can cause skin inflammation and cause or aggravate acne.

The treatment method is generally to pay attention to thoroughly clean the skin, oral and topical drugs. The specific types of drugs vary with the different stages of acne development, and it is necessary to pay attention to the side effects of the drugs. Because the location is too deep, cystic acne usually has reached the dermis of the skin. After skin repair, scars of different sizes and shapes are usually left. , You can use turmeric anti-acne soap to clean the back skin, and the daily diet should be light

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Q2. Henri, a 21-year-old male, is a game fan. He has been lying in bed all day, and his back has erupted with acne. The 23rd female Linda loves to wear denim overalls and has beautiful shawl hair. Suddenly she has acne on her back, head and shoulders.

A. For 21-year-old males with acne, the cause of Henri's outbreak is the bed sheets, long-term bed, oil and keratinocytes on the bed sheets, and bed bugs or mites can also irritate the skin.

To improve these symptoms, just cleaning the surface is not enough. In addition to doing a good body scrub and exfoliating, you also need to dry the quilt frequently, wash the sheets frequently, get more sun, and sterilize!

For 23-year-old females with acne, long-term closure of jeans and poor air permeability will breed bacteria, and long-term shawl hair will cause acne outbreaks if dust is blown and sunburned every day.

The best treatment is to clean the back with turmeric soap every day, tie up the hair, let the back breathe, and wear more skirts to make the skin more breathable.

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Q3. 25-year-old Dan Dan is a beauty and body sales clerk. Her trouble is that her back acne is cleaned with shower gel, and her body has frequent acne, and even her back acne is treated with laser treatment. Back acne keeps getting worse, how to solve it?

A. At present, because of the prevalence of shower gel, laser acne removal and even chemical exfoliation ads in the market, many people were relieved at the time, but after 1 year, 2 years, or even 6 months, the acne recurred, I think Find natural remedies for back acne

Many patients with back acne are recommended by back acne doctors to use a lot of hormone drugs, which can quickly relieve the discomfort of acne, but many patients with mild or even first-time acne can be treated naturally. Using back cleansers and chemical peels is likely to cause back acne. It is a rash caused by skin discomfort and allergies. It is recommended to use a mild herbal acne cleanser, such as turmeric soap, a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient. Gentle cleansing is not easy to develop acne

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Q4. 27-year-old Anna has repeated back acne before and after pregnancy, and her first menstruation after childbirth is more serious. She also pays attention to cleanliness. Why does she still have a lot of acne?

A. Back acne is also a sign of early pregnancy, because hormone secretion begins to vigorously ensure fetal development. Back acne during pregnancy is relatively common. Even during the first period after childbirth, when hormones begin to gradually return to normal, acne will also break out!

For pregnant women with back acne, it is not recommended to use drugs and hormone treatments. It is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables, use natural home remedies, wash clothes, dry the quilt frequently, and clean the back with some non-irritating pregnant women soap.

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Q5. Luke, 30, is a gym coach. He also likes to eat spicy and greasy burgers and grilled meat. He likes to stay up late to watch football. Back acne outbreak?

A. This type of acne is often called "bacterial folliculitis" because it grows on the back.

Due to local sweating and sultry heat, bacteria on the skin such as Staphylococcus and Acne bacteria multiply.

The main prevention method is to wear sweat-absorbing cotton clothes and underwear as much as possible on weekdays. People who sweat a lot will use a handkerchief to dry their sweat at any time, which greatly reduces the prevalence.

Staying up late can cause abnormal secretions in the body. Improper diet can also increase back acne. It is recommended to develop good work and rest habits, list diet, and clean the body with turmeric soap.

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Q6. Lcd, 40 years old, is a company executive, often socializing, smoking and drinking, and back acne for 10 years

A: This long-term bad social habit can easily lead to abnormal sebum metabolism in the body, perennial acne, and it is easy to produce dark spots and pigmentation, and there is no smooth spot on the back.

It is recommended to quit smoking and drinking, eat lightly, relax, and use turmeric skin care products to clean the skin. Turmeric is an important natural ingredient for promoting blood circulation, regulating sebum secretion, accelerating metabolism, and diminishing pigmentation!

Q7. 50-year-old Lane pays great attention to maintenance and has a light diet, but has been suffering from back acne for 5 years. What should I do?

A. This type of acne is not good for a long time, and the diet is light and clean, back acne getting worse with age. It may be allergic skin

According to research, there are many people with allergic skin in the world. Too many allergens cannot be detected one by one. It can be triggered by skin contact with some items or eating some items. Chemical hormone drugs can only relieve temporarily, but long-term hormones can also cause physical pain. Many people start to look for natural herbs. therapy. It is recommended to choose turmeric series of skin care cleansing products, such as turmeric soap. This is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that many scholars and experts have studied. It is also widely used in ancient Indian pharmacy. It can inhibit bacteria, relieve itching, and condition the skin.

Q8. What should I do to treat so much acne?

 5 best back acne treatments, please write down

1. Do a good job of skin cleansing, it is recommended to choose turmeric series of skin care products and turmeric soap
 2. Clothes and items should be washed more, quilts and clothes should be dried more, and sterilized and insecticidal
3. Develop good work and rest habits
4. Eat a light diet and eat more vegetables
5. Choose pure cotton and breathable material for clothes


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